Real Estate CRM software

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@Taarik Boukari :

I usually say the one you use....but other than that if you are looking for investment type CRM I would take a serious look at Deal Machine.

I am not a user, but I would be if I didn't already have access to a similar product from my MLS.

Otherwise you might also look at the data providers like MLSIQ if they are in your market.

@Taarik Boukari VERY. as every software that's not the MLS isn't always 100% up to date, but you pay like 99-150/month &worth every penny. So much info packed into one location just like the mls.

MLS trumps every software but I'd say second best is propstream. I have also compared this with our partners that we wholesale to that do have access to MLS and our ARV is within their numbers they got.

@Taarik Boukari I have been using HubSpot, I've tried others. But, HubSpot seems, to me, to be the one best one, so far. Although there are many features that you must pay a monthly subscription for they also offer a free version and you still have access to many features and are essential.

Free Plan Features Include ((but not limited to);

1. Add Contacts (Individuals & Companies)

2. Track; Calls, Emails, Notes, etc)

3. Send up to 2,000 emails/newsletters/marketing materials per month

4. Free Mobile App

5. Outlook/Gmail/IMAP add-in integration to automatically log emails (also let's you know when someone has opened the email)

6. Analytics

7. Forms (Templates & Make your own)

8. Tasks (Follow Up reminders, Calendar integration for meetings, etc)

9. Business Card Scanner

And so much more, all for free.