Best Real Estate Mentors for Agents???

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Happy Tuesday everyone! In my experience, most realtors I speak with mention that if they could go back in time, they would have hired a mentor from the beginning because it would have sped up their success. Who are the best real estate mentors in the industry and what have been your experiences with mentors? 

Hi, @Max McCuddy I am newly licensed but not new to real estate development. I have 2 mentors, one for commercial, one for luxury residential. I choose my brokerage based on the mentors, but outside of them, I am just reading a bunch from other successful agents. 

Hello @Max McCuddy ,

Some brokerages assign you a mentor when you join the company.

If you're hiring someone, it is likely a coach. I highly recommend hiring a coach even if you do join a company that assigns a mentor.

There are larger RE sales coaching companies like Tom Ferry, Brian Buffini, Kevin Ward, and many more. I've been coached by both well known coaches and lesser known, local, coaches. I can sum up my experience by saying, you get what you put in.

Coaches help you devise action plans, improve on your weaknesses and establish accountability measures. The rest is on you. I am confident that if you find a good coach and take action, you will speed up your success. 

Best of luck to you moving forward!


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I have learned from podcast, books, and networking with local agents who are small to big fish. Joining a team or brokerage that leans to what you love would be best. From their take notes, be a sponge. After a couple years you should flourish. I started at 18 out of high school from the ground up, fast forward 3.5 years later I'll close 90-100 deals and expanding to another market. Be smart with your money. Stick with 2-4 lead sources. Figure out your niche and be the master in it. Be weary of mentors asking for money, do your research. Many things can be self taught or learned from others who's been in it.