How carefully are salesperson candidates scrutinized when applying to a brokerage?

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Hi all,

I'm not yet looking at brokerages with which I can hang my license because I don't have my license yet. But I'll be working toward that soon. I'm asking this question because I want to start vetting investor-friendly brokerages now so I can be ready to go when I get my license.

So, that said, I'm curious what the process is like when candidates apply to a brokerage. For the sake of the discussion, I'm thinking about big houses like Century 21, Long & Foster, and Keller/Williams, though I'd be interested to know if the process varies from the big guys to the smaller boutique operations. Are candidates carefully scrutinized through an interview process, or will brokerages take any and all salespeople they can get their hands on? Seems to me they'd be willing to give just about anyone a shot, and if anything, let the salesperson go if he/she underperforms.

Hope my question makes sense. Just want to know what to expect when I start getting into serious discussions with one or more brokerages about joining them.


A newly licensed person has already been vetted for criminal history, etc. Different brokerages have different hiring policies. Some will take any and all. Others may be a bit more selective. Some that charge a monthly fee to hang your license will probably take anyone. A high end office in a high traffic high end clientele location may be more selective. You need to interview the brokers to find out if you like their policies, commissions, training, etc and then see if they are interested in taking you on.

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