Who do you use in CT for your loans?

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My buddy and I are about ready to pull the trigger on our first, will get financing obviously. Who do you use in CT for mortgages?

Hello @Matthew Cottrill

Congratulations is appears that you have your plan in motion! Welcome to BiggerPockets. I know you will benefit greatly from the tools and the help and the support you will find as a member. My name is Rubelyn. I am on the support team. Just thought I would drop you a line to say that I am happy for you. I am anxious to follow your progress!

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Hi @Matthew Cottrill

Congratulations on finding BP and pulling the trigger on your first property! 

What kind of deal is this? The type of property and type of deal will be the two biggest factors in the type of financing you can get and where to get it. I think if you provide a little more information you may get some better assistance from the forums. Here is some basic information you should try to provide, but throw in whatever else you think would be helpful.

Type of Property (SF, MF, commercial, condo, etc.)

Type of Deal (buy and hold, rehab flip, wholesale double close, etc.)

Are you or your buddy putting up any money for a down payment? If so, how much?

Provide some numbers as well, purchase price, rehab costs, ARV, timeline, income and expenses for rental properties, etc.

What kind of lender or loan are you looking for?

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I believe who you use for a mortgage will depend on which type of investment/financing you need. The are conventional ways to obtain a mortgage and then various creative financing methods.

If you are looking for conventional, I can refer you to our mortgage broker at my office at William Raveis.

@Matthew Cottrill  Welcome to BP. Great people here to help you as you grow.

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