MARYLAND: HoCo, AA Count, Balt Count Small Bank or HML-775+ FICO

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BP Community,

Happy Labor Day weekend! Like most of you I'm sure, holiday or not, I am still grinding. So I need some suggestions please as to whom you all recommend within the small banks in the HoCo, Baltimore, AA County areas would anybody recommend??? What about an HML in the area???

I currently have an offer on the table for a property that I will learn if accepted on Tuesday in Columbia (HoCo).  If it falls through, I already scoped out and visited with my GC a few others as well that I have on my radar.  So the time has come to SOLIDIFY MY FUNDING.  I already am approved with a lender, which would be my 4th loan with them within the past few years.  However, the guidelines for the investment props are obviously much tighter and require too much front-end capital.  Anyway, my strategy (exit as well) has been based off of them, so I am just trying to do my due diligence in establishing a relationship for not just this deal, but hopefully more to come.

I would be the grantor/applicant and FICO is 775+ so getting approved is not an issue. In terms of the HML, I know it's more about the deal and not the score, but again, just trying to weigh my options.

Thank you all in advance!!!

Alex Grey

JB2 Grey Properties


Acquisitions & Development

Hey Alex!
Several of our investors use Revere Bank, they're local and investor-friendly. If you shoot me a PM I'll send you the name and contact of the lender that they go through. Best of luck!

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I actually reached out to him I believe as one of my first post on this platform. I'm a big LinkedIn guy having been in the sales and marketing field for the last seven years, so I'm not sure if I did it correctly when I first tried since I am very new to BP here. So I didn't want to reach out to him again without waiting. But thanks I'll reach out to him.

@Russell Brazil Thanks for the mention.  @Alex Grey I do not recall seeing anything, my apologies for not getting back to you.  Feel free to send me a PM or give me a call anytime.  If I do not answer I will get back to you asap.  I would love to help you out anyway I can.  

This is great to hear from you @Andrew Michael .  I am looking forward to connecting with you!!  Have a wonderful weekend and let me know when a good time to speak is on Tuesday (I am good tomorrow BTW, but I wanted to be respectful to your's and other's Labor Day holiday).


I saw your PM just now- thanks for reaching out @Jarred Sleeth  Always glad to connect and add value to my network.

I have actually been in the talks for a few properties now that I have put offers on with @Andrew Michael as the funding partner.  He was referred to me by a fellow BP member that is a plethora of knowledge and resources in his own way @Russell Brazil .  Thanks for the referral as Andrew has been nothing short of phenomenal!  Very transparent, helpful, and straight-shooting resource not only within the area, but the industry itself.  He's earned my business for my immediate deals in the works currently and many more to come down the road as well.