Can I use multiple RE agents in the same market?

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I would like to know the etiquette or standard for dealing with more than one agent in the same market. Can I engage two simultaneously if they are showing me different properties? Or do I have to be loyal to one?


I'm curious... what is your reasoning for wanting to use two different agents within the same market?

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Originally posted by @Christopher Giannino :

I'm curious... what is your reasoning for wanting to use two different agents within the same market?

 Agree.  How do you think you will not offend them all?

Don't be afraid to use multiple realtors in the same city. there is plenty reason to do so.

Many realtors have off-market listings or properties they know are about to come on/off market. Also some realtors focus on singles in smaller areas and some know an entirely different area really well.

I have wholesalers, agents , brokers all sending me different listings for the same city every week.

On the flip side, whichever agent shows you something, make sure to go with them on it. If they found it for you and are working on it, they deserve your loyalty/ respect.

I tell all my guys, "if you bring the deal to me, I'm happy to go with you on it."

You would think they would work a bit harder in finding your property.

We use multiple real estate agents for various reasons.  Some are able to draw from different resources to find us off market deals and some specialize in different style properties in different areas.  If you have two agents competing to send you the same property, you've created a redundancy in your team building.  You've also created a problem because you're going to offend one or both of the agents and they won't want to work with you in the future.  

If both agents are showing you the same properties, you should only be working with one of them.  

Thank you Paul for posting this question because Im also considering this. I figured its alright to have one than more real estate agent as long as they are NOT in the same company (example: Keller Williams) and you make the offer on property with the agent who showed you the property.

Im planning to do this because 1 agent is just not fast enough for me. 

Thanks for all the great responses. I have one agent in a specific market who has been sending me listings for several months with my requested parameters. Then I was searching around on Loopnet the other day and found some other listings that were my parameters but I hadn't been seen before. I made an inquiry into one property on Loopnet and an agent called me up ten minutes later, then sent me a ton of listings for the same area. Of course, I would be loyal to my original agent and what he's presented to me.

I have used more than one agent for my deals but I only deal with one agent on one property.

Agent for my flip - I have an agent for my downtown and flip deals. She brings me a deals and I buy through her. When I finish rehab she sells. She knows the area very well, stage the house, on point with comps & appraisals. She knows I buy rentals and we talk about tenants & Section8 all the time because she is also a landlord.

My other agent- I use him for buying my rentals & we've been working together for six years. We've close several REO's & HUD using him. He even jokes that he need to come to me for training when he his ready to flip his first house.

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Yes, you can. Just don't sign exclusive agreement with either. Good luck.