FHA lenders in Westchester county / NYC

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to get a road map of what exactly I need to do to get the best possible FHA insured loan for my house hack I'm looking to do in westchester county next year. If anyone knows of lenders in westchester or in NYC please send them my way.

FHA is the easiest loan to find a lender for - they're everywhere. Any bank, credit union, a national lender, or mortgage broker will be able to help you. If you're working with a realtor, ask for their recommendations for a qualified loan officer.

@Michael Cohen thank you for the advice! That is a good place to start with the realtor I'm working with.

@Account Closed mentioned, when it comes to FHA many lenders do it and it's an easier mortgage to do. That is if you are considered a clean file. If your file is a little all over the place, meaning you have let's say 1099's, jumped from one company to another, not the best credit, high dti ratio, maybe a previous bankruptcy, insufficient reserves, etc... that's where you would need someone who is experienced and creative.

@CeasarRosas thank you for this great response! I think a creative lender could be a good option for me. I will shoot you an email.

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