Best HELOC rates in California

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@Irene Amido I had a foreclosure way back that i believe resolves in 2 years. Are you saying you are still able to get a loan? I have a home in socal that I couldn't refi bc of foreclosure and is considered an investment property. It is under a 1 year ARM. Are you also stating that I could get heloc out of the same investment home with active FC?

Shopping for HELOC on primary San Jose, CA primary residence. I have one lender at Prime but has a $250k Max. Anyone know of banks that will go up to $350k (85% LTV) or $400k (90% LTV) ?

Here is what BBVA is offering me. Doesn't look like a great deal to me. My primary was appraised at $580K, currently owe $425K. HELOC amount is $70K. I was hoping to get the same deal as the previous posters (Prime minus margin) but it looks like that's over. I'll shop around some more.

Your final base rate is 7.81% ( prime +2.56%)

*** you are also eligible for an additional 1% discount for setting up an automatic payment out of your compass account ***

*** If you pull 50k within the first 15 days of closing and leave it outstanding for 3 Months you will receive an additional 1% discount.

If anybody has done a HELOC in California recently and got a great deal, please let me know.

You might be able to get a better introductory rate from a mortgage broker. You are just trying large banks. Eventually, all banks are going to want to get your rate up after you've used your LOC for a year. We were able to get an introductory rate of 3% in Los Angeles for a year. Then it goes up to around 5%.

Reviving this post to see what type of rates you’re seeing for HELOCs these days.

Star One Credit Union is offering prime only, 80%LTV; over $250k will incur $1k-$2k closing costs.

WellsFargo offered lower rate (3.89?) for first year but have to draw upon closing. I’m thinking you can draw to lock the rate and then just put the $ back in next day. Is that possible ?

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