Loans for multi family in East Coast

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I am fairly new to the east coast but looking to buy 4plex or more, however being new in investing and in the area, was curious if there is a bank/loan agency that would give loans for multiple states? Any suggestions from people/companies that you’ve used?

@Gerardo Ali will you be occupying the property and what state?

If you are relocating you may be able to use a Homepossible loan and get into a 4 unit with as little as 5% down. This program allows you to use proposed rent as qualifying Income and the interest rates are as good or better than you would get for a traditional SFR purchase.

Hey @Gerardo Ali ,

Not too sure if you are still on the lender search, but there are lenders out there that are Nationwide and specialize in only investment property financing. Rates are not quite as competitive as Conventional. 

Reach out anytime!