Baltimore property management recommendations

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I'm doing research on the Baltimore Market and wanted to get in touch with awesome property management companies you guys know of and would recommend.

Thank you !

@Ben Guttman

Im open to multi

The numbers look great when it comes to cash flow.

I've been hearing about the difficulty in dealing with local government + not so friendly with landlords .

I was looking for confirmation with property mgmt and hear their take.

Originally posted by @Courtney Rollins :

I've heard good things about Property Wize. @Nathanael Rojas I believe has experience working with them and has appreciated their services so far.  

 Thanks for looping me in @Courtney Rollins. 

Yes, I interviewed several PM's and Shanicka at PropertyWize was one of the top choices. I currently have 2 rentals and will be using PropertyWize for the next two that will be settling within the next Month and a half. We have been communicating on and off for the past 6 months and she has provided incredibly quick responses with great customer service. Next, we'll test her skills as a PM!

So far, highly recommend. More to come!!