Renton WA - Kitchen Demo NEED CONTRACTORS

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Kitchen Plan PDF


I have a property in Renton WA and I am starting a kitchen remodel. I am looking to hire a contractor for the kitchen demo. The attached link has a downloadable PDF that shows the demo plan. Its a complete gut job down to the studs. Demoing - cabinets, drywall, and a dividing wall. 

So far I have received a quote for $2500. I am still shopping for other quotes, but does this sound like a decent price? 

The contractor that quoted me said he could get it done in a day. Even if its a team of 4 guys working 8 hours...thats almost $80/hr. Seems high, but am I out of touch?


This small kitchen demo requires one guy 1-2 days maximum, and a garbage trailer. In ca Bay Area, this is about 1k job. If you are not local, they can over charge you quite a bit.

You are probably better off hiring a kitchen contractor for demo and kitchen install. This is too small a job to separate.

I would agree with David here on this one.....does seem a bit high for the job.  I know that the Renton/South Seattle area is a bit of a hot bed right now, but there should be plenty of folks in the area available for a couple of bids.

Is the original bid from the same contractor that is doing your remodel?

@Pete Perez While expensive, this seems pretty common for doing the demo work.  Contractors are hard to come by at the moment and all prices are elevated.  That said, I have often done the demo work myself as it's an easy way to save costs on a project.  It's not free as it does take your time and the cost of the dumpster but it's an easy way to contribute to the project and get more insights on what the property challenges will be.

Then you can have your contractor give you a bid on a empty area where they can see all of the work to be completed.


@John Barrett

I am considering doing what I can with respect to the demo. There are certain things I'm not sure how to handle (like the sink) but I suppose that's what youtube is for.

There is also a wall furnace I need to have removed as part of the wall partition. It might be worth it to me to pay someone to remove that.

@Pete Perez YouTube is a great resource as you can pretty much learn how to do anything on there.  A lot of this stuff seems really scary before you do it, but isn't all the complex once you get started.  Spend 20 minutes watching videos online and you'll have a much better sense of what you are comfortable taking on. 

With the sink, just make sure you know where your water shutoff is in the event you have any issues with the shutoff valves under the sink but other than that, it's really straight forward.

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I'm local.   just going by pics I can believe 2500 easy.   Its their labor,   truck costs,  disposal costs,   licences, certifications, and all the taxes and stuff they have to pay.

Also be careful that the full wall demo (last picture,  with furnace in it)  isn't a load bearing wall.

if you are inclined and able,  stripping a kitchen down to bare room  isn't that hard  (kinda fun too to smash cabinets with sledgehammer)  but make sure you are able to haul the materials to the dump,  which may mean renting/borrowing a trailer or pickup if you don't have such equipment.   Also be sure to disconnect/shutoff water, electricity,  etc.  in affected areas first.

Taking out drywall is also fairly easy (big hammer, regular hammer, and flat prybar is about all you need) but is very messy so enclose the work area, wear protection and ventilate it.

Note if if this is a pre 1978 house which it looks like it is,   and you plan to rent it,  then legally speaking you must be lead paint certified and follow abatement procedures when removing or disturbing more than six square feet of painted surface in any room.  That includes walls and cabinets unless known newer than 1978.  Your job is way past that.   

@Brian Hughes

Hi Brian! I'm having a contractor come out to verify I can demo the wall. When I climbed into the attic it looked to me like the trusses are supported on the exterior walls, but I'm no expert. So I'm hoping the contractor can come put ans verify it for me.

I did call some structural engineers in Seattle and they laughed at me when I asked if they could verify it for me. They only do commercial work and I couldn't find any structurals online that do residential work.

Any chance you know any?

you can PM me and I can give you a contact for a drywall contractor I have used several times   (he can do everything from drywall through paint and interior trim work)  I don't know his availability though but its a family operation out of Burien)

yes,  everybody is busy with big commercial projects.   I've run into that as well looking to convert an empty finished area to a studio apt. in one of my buildings.

If the roof or upper floor joists run parallel to the wall to be demo'd its non structural.   Be aware there may still be wires, utilities,  etc running through it.   Almost a given considering the layout of the house that plumbing and wiring will need to be moved.

I can also give a referral over PM if you're still in need of help. Or you could rent a construction debris dumpster for $300-400 and have a demolition party! Just make sure you get your friends to sign liability waivers ๐Ÿ™‚

@Pete Perez I have a good structural engineer for residential projects (feel free to DM me for his info) but structural engineering may be overkill for the size of this project. As Brian mentioned - Joists above the wall running parallel to the wall being removed = non-structural, running perpendicular = likely (but not always) structural. 

If you're removing a large number of walls you start getting into shear loads calculations and other fancy engineering math, in which case you should call in the pros (and will likely want to pull permits and provide the city with architectural drawings at that point anyway), but one small wall section is pretty easy. Good luck, Just DM me if you want that engineer's info!