Independent Contractor Agreement - anyone use one?

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Hello BPers: We are preparing to use a local "handyman" for a light rehab project; he is not a licensed contractor - just a guy who can help with painting, demo, etc. It is mostly "unskilled" labor. Does anyone use any kind of agreement that spells out things such as liability, taxes, workmans comp, etc. Mostly we just want to acknowledge in writing that he is not an employee of ours. Any advice woudl be appreciated. Thanks,


After I posted this question, I went to a similar forum post and discovered J Scott's form in his file share. EXACTLY what I was looking for!! Thanks all.

@Mike Bryant

He might not need to be licensed but that doesn't mean he doesn't need to be insured with a legitimate business. Get proper W-9 and insurance information before hiring unless you could get tagged for misclassifying an employee as a contractor. It doesn't matter what your contracts state in regards to insurance etc. Nothing replaces actual insurance. In regards to having a business he can be a sole proprietor and file under his social security number on the W-9 (In MO) without a legal entity however you need prove that he has a legitimate business. Does he have a business name? Letter head? Invoices with letter head? These things are important and Missouri will request proof from your business on an annual basis for anybody that you 1099.

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