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I'm looking for any reputable Dallas area General Contractors that the DFW community would recommend. Thanks 

I was looking at houses in Richardson this weekend and came across a gentlemen that had just finished gutting two houses. He said he is a retired engineer from TI and I was thinking of using him for my next project. He even gave me a tour of the work he had done. If you PM me  I can get you his info, but I have not used him or properly veted him.

@Erik Drentlaw Have you worked with the contractor you mentioned above since? I am looking for a contractor in the DFW area and would love to get his contact info from you! 

No I have not worked with him since.  Unfortunately I do not have any good recommendations currently.

I am looking for a general handyman.  I currently have two flip projects going on in Plano. 

Hello Ms. Sonia,

Integrity Renovations and Remodeling is the company I work for and we have been working as a sub for H&W Systems that does many kinds of residential flips throughout the DFW area, if you need assistance with the projects please feel free to contact us and I'll be more than willing to help in anyway I can.  

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