Looking for a SE Aurora, CO Plumber/HVAC

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Long time no speak BP! I've got a rental in CO that needs a new 50 gallon gas water heater. Easy replacement, but my Property Manager gave me the quote and they must have bumped their heads and the company must be looking for a homerun on this one small job!! I flip, invest, and PM in Virginia and I know what this should cost me all day. I've Googled a few companies and most won't give me a call back or go by "book pricing"...yeah, cause I'm a sucker! Looking for another like minded person to give me a recommendation. The house is in the SE Aurora area near Southlands Mall (Smokey Hill Rd Exit). Thanks in advance BP!!


Kind of sad that there wasn't one response to this post. I did, after hours of phone calls, find a plumber to go out. In the long run, the water heater didn't need to be replaced. It was clogged at the fitting and was an easy fix. $500 vs. $1300.

Jason Sampson

@Jason Sampson   Didn't see this in time--but would have gladly referred my plumber to you. $1300 replacement seems high, especially out in Aurora. Should have been closer to $800-$900 for a simple replacement (depends where it is located, etc). 

No worries. I got it taken care of!

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