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Buying a Multi- Family house.  Roof needs to be replaced.  I believe there is a wooden roof underneath and they put Asphalt over it..(lovely).  House has 2 small dormers and its dimensions are 28 X 48…..Roof has 4 slants ..if that makes sense  …(front- back and 2 sides are longer )  I assume I have to take it down to the plywood..etc…  +  Gutters…. 

Trying to get a Guesstimate?


Kevin C


Roofing contractors generally need to see the roof,

The height off the ground, pitch, number of ridges, guttering, dormers, number of chimney and stacks all are considered, with tear-offs they want to know if a truck can back up to the building, shrubs can be in the way, do they need a dumpster? If you had a shake roof covered, you may not have decking it might be on stringers, what's the condition and how many layers are there? What's the permit requirement there? What is the replacement roof material that you want?

If you address these matters and have pics, someone might be able to give you a guessestimate. :)   

I've been in the roofing industry for a number of years. Unfortunatly roofs are one of the most important things that follow the old cliché you get what you pay for. Check out and you can find a Master Elite contractor that has been properly qualified. They actually can offer guarantees for workmanship error as well as material defects that are both covered by GAF and are NON prorated. Biggest advantage of finding a contractor through GAF is security in knowing they are a safe and trustworthy company that does good work. As Bill G mentioned, you'll probably have to go down to the rafters and then add decking. Things like that will effect the price considerably. Feel free to let me know if you have any question.

Good luck. 

Might wanna run to HD and have them run the bid and ask for discount, they give them out just like that, all you need is ask. draw the dimensions and take pics.

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