Macerating Toilets

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I've just discovered this technology that allows you to place a toilet nearly anywhere in a house. Has anyone have any experience with macerating toilets? What are the cons?

Macerate: verb, "to soften or separate into parts by steeping in a liquid."

I have no further comment.  :)

Sounds like something you'd find on the Space Shuttle! I'd stay away until they become mainstream. It's expensive to hire an astronaut to fix your space toilet.

Originally posted by @Al Williamson :

 What are the cons?

How much time do you have?

Temperamental, temperamental, temperamental...
How much time, money and patience do you have to baby sit a renter who breaks the thing every two weeks and constantly mess with it?
Expensive to repair, fewer plumbers who know anything about them
Expensive to install, fewer plumber who know anything about them
Did I mention they are temperamental?

Would you rather drive a honda accord that runs off gas or one that runs off a steam boiler? The one that runs on gas you will just get in and turn the key every day for the next 5 years probably without doing anything to it, the one that has a steam boiler, you'll be kicking it every other day and swearing at it.


Thanks all for the feedback. I'll keep watching this technology. It makes a lot of sense to me but reliability is key.

@Al Williamson  

A chemical, composting or incinerating toilette would be less hassle, though it would probably take more time to train the tenants.

A macerating toilet is definitely not tenant proof.

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