Any contractor recommendations in Farmington Hills, Michigan

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Hello all,

My cousin who lives in Farmington Hills, MI, his house had a major kitchen fire last night. I am in Michigan today to help him with a few things and we will be needing a contractor soon to start working on the house. I wanted to see if any of you guys had a recommendation for a good, reliable contractor in Farmington Hills.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


good luck,  shared u are a good man! 

Sharad- Servpro in Sterling heights I know to be reliable and with good owners/proprietors. They likely serve the farmington region too.

I would look for a restoration service like Servpro that specializes in fire/water damage, as compared to a contractor.


I am a firefighter in the area and I would recommend Randy Maycock at 1-800-Board-Up. 

Good luck,


I have to respectfully disagree. The restoration company's tend to do shotty work because they are pushed around by the insurance companies. I would use a GC.

jeffrey- I suppose contractors in general are able to withstand the pressure of insurance companies better than restoration companies? Please explain-- this is an Interesting generalization. Also, how are you making a connection between shotty work and being pushed around by insurance companies? Maybe some explanation on the relational aspects of restoration companies and  insurance companies would help add clarity and provide context.


Thank you for all the information. Much appreciated. 

My cousin went with a local restoration company highly recommended by State Farm.

The damage was very extensive and will take 6 months or so before my cousin can move back in the house.


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