Need a reliable contractor in Macomb County, MI

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Looking for a solid rehab contractor.  The two guys that I've met from CList were a joke.  I didn't trust their input/numbers at all.  Does anybody have any good sources for residential rehab contractors, or know of a contractor that I should call in SE Michigan.

Thanks in advance!

@Account Closed I'm looking for a general contractor to handle it all at this point.  While capable to coordinate it myself, I don't have the time to do it.  

Exterior work (siding, roof, windows), drywall, flooring, painting, kitchens, bath, miscellaneous electrical, plumbing, etc....  Basically, the typical rehab needs.

If you know of a good __________(ie. electrical) contractor, then I'd love to know them directly too.  Anybody with credibility!


Unfortunately, I do not know anyone. If you read my bio, you can kinda get a feel for what I have set in motion, I am still new to all of this. 

I understand the time issue, it is hard trying to take care of so many things, and striving to be successful at everything you do.  

Is this for the property in Mount Clemens you had up here? 

It's going to be two or three times more expensive to hire a general contractor than to supervise the individual contractors yourself. I used to know a general contractor, but I think he has a corporate job now.