Lows of handyman in Raleigh NC area

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Looking for reasonable price handyman/contractors. We are about to close on a house which need quite a bit of work from carpentry, light plumbing to light electric all. Will rent it out at the end.

I've got a great guy -- he'll do anything you need done, or know someone who can, his prices are always appropriate (I've never once had to negotiate with him), and he always goes above and beyond to get my places in tip-top shape (I can trust him to get a place in renting-shape without me pointing everything out). I am refer him and give him new business because he needs the work.

That being said, we have a good relationship, and I would rather discuss with you on the phone before handing out his information online. If you'd like, PM me with your phone number and I will give you a ring when I can to discuss.

@Jeremy Drawas  No offense but I have to ask: if he's as good as you say, why does he "...need[s] the work."?  Everyone I know locally, in the trades, is swamped. 

@Account Closed No offense taken! I think it comes down to his business knowledge / education. He is a simple man - he doesn't use technology (email, wiring money, he hardly texts). I love using him (he has been an invaluable asset to me) and figured I'd connect him with other work to help him out. 

Point of clarification here: I am not selling anything and would not directly benefit from passing on his contact info (in fact, you'd be competing with me for his timeshare!). Just trying make a positive contribution to this community and also help my handyman who is a great guy. 

Edit: I also looked at your profile and see you are a licensed contractor -- my handyman could not likely do the level of work that you provide (major construction, additions, total makeovers, etc) and he is not licensed or have insurance; however, he can do all of the basic renovations one might need at a very low price (small fixes, painting, basic carpentry, etc). 

Jeremy Drawas would you PM his info as well? We are often struggling to find good handymen! Thanks!! Does highlighting and the @ symbol not work for mobile posts?!