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Does anyone have any recommendations for a contractor in the Union County area of New Jersey that is investor friendly?

I need an estimate on a buy/hold to make some repairs.


@Chris Daliani

One of the Podcasts I recently listened to said "go to Home Depot or Lowe's at 7 am and see who is standing at the contractor's desk."  I haven't used this tip yet because I have a partner who has solid relationships with lots of great contractors in our area, but it makes perfect sense.

Good luck!

You may want to check you local Angie List, or attend the REI club meeting in Garwood NJ on Nov 11th check it out on You might also be able to connect with someone who is already on the sites list.

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@Brian Tome that is actually a great idea!!! Thanks a lot. 

I would just like a referral so at least I know that the contractor does quality work thats the only thing. But I may just do that!

Once you locate one of those guys, you could always ask them for a referral from a couple of satisfied customers.  The ones who will actually let you stop by and look at the work in question are the best, but any contact is good.  Also, try Angie's List.  They go to a lot of trouble to keep their ratings system trustworthy, so if someone has a good recommendation on there, they are more likely than not credible.

I am a contractor working with real estate investors. Finished a project in Morristown and finishing up one in Linden. Would be happy to look at your project. call me at 609-575-8564 or email me at [email protected] You can also check us out at Houzz.