Local Contractors in Temple, TX

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I'm currently looking for my first deal to flip and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for local contractors in or around Temple, TX? Also, has anyone had a good experience with HML in Texas? I believe I may have found a potential deal $55,200 (foreclosure) 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage, 1,477 sqft single family. I have not viewed the house yet. The house is currently occupied and in an area with comps ranging from $89k-$130k.

Their is only 1 photo available. I haven't driven by it, I'll do that tomorrow. The outside looks okay, needs some curb appeal but, I'm curious about the inside. I just found the property on Realtor.com 

Hello Ashley,

I’m finishing up a project in Copperas Cove with Clyde Burns @ 3 feathers Maintenance / remodeling and I’m very happy with the progress and work he has done for me. Clyde is a very detailed person, and good communicator. I would look more closely at the comps, in your area. Because the range of $89k-$130k is a wide range to flip a house with. Are you going to be building out to $89K and selling at 130K, then that works.

Wish you the best