What you hate about contractors..

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Hi everybody, I am a contractor and I am very curious what most of you feel about contractors. What do you like about us and what drives you crazy. If in a perfect world what would that contractor be? 

Reason I am asking this is because I am the other side of renovation and I want to know how I can be a better contractor to work with and if I am also do things people hate. 

If would be very helpful if you BPs can list them and even get into details 

Thanks, Steve

I think there is huge opportunity for contractors to hit their commitments on schedule and budget.  Some of the most successful contractors and subs I've worked with hit their schedule commits and run a tight ship when it comes to managing their crews.  

I am also a Contractor, Based on my mistakes and stories I have heard I know a few. My geuss is if you are starting this conversation you are leaps and bounds ahead of the nightmare contractor. 

Missing pre set deadlines(time is$$)

poor communication

leaving homes set once you get starter check.

Taking on more then you can handle in one month ( guilty- know your capacity)

Bad subs-bad can be bad as a person, bad at showing up on time, bad at respecting the property and neighbors. .ect. ( i always ask myself would i send tgem to my gmas)

bidding low to get the job, then charging more. 

inacurrate and not being thurough when bidding. 

Saying yes when you should say no. (guilty)

taking a deposit or draw and running to vegas

Sharing rental package with other investors. some buy and hold guys have a look  they dont want you doing their look for your other clients. As it is what sets them apart.  

Taking 4 months to do a 30 day reno

I am sure I could go on and on but that is a good start. 

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I just purchased a house in a small city near Niagara Falls.  It was a 3/1 and I wanted to add a 1/2 bath on the first floor.  I called every plumber in my area and:

1.  couldn't get call backs

2.  if they did call me back, they weren't interested

3.  some set appointments, but didn't show, didn't call

4. outrageous bids ($6700 to install plumbing for a toilet and sink...come on!!!)

in the end, I knew enough about plumbing that I just did it myself.  the toilet flushes, the sink works...nothing leaks. 

I guess it's good that companies in my area don't "need" the work (however small)...

suggestion:  hire someone to answer the phone, manage your schedule, take appointments and tell you when and where you need to be.  my 2 cents. 

I just want what you to do, what you say you will do.

If you say $5600 will be done by next Friday, Next Friday I expect to hand you the balance and you be cleaned up and done.

Thanks for all the feedback

Call me back.

If you say you're going to run out to the house to give me an estimate in a few days, then either call me back with the estimate in a few days or tell me You're not interested.

We can help each other by subscribing to our local twitter feeds, Angie's List, Yelp, and the like and using them to give honest, thoughtful feedback, both positive and negative, to the contractors and community.

I think a lot of frustration investors have with contractors is the lack of organization. This leads to all the other problems that you always here. 

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