New smoke alarms going off

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Could please someone recommend what I should do if my tenant's smoke alarms frequently (once in 1-2 months) go off for no apparent reason?

I rent out one half of the duplex I own and live in the other. A few months ago, I replaced all the smoke-detectors in the unit. They all have new batteries.

Can dust in the air trigger them off? The tenant has one dog and 4 cats, and there is quite a bit of dust and fur. 

It could be steam, dust or water causing them to go off or your tenant is smoking.

Have them fan the alarm when it goes off and if it clears it is something in the air. Probably from cooking.


Check to see if you installed a combination detector.     A smoke and carbon monoxide detector.   


You may have carbon monoxide leaking in to the unit and this could be the problem. 


This happened to us as well several months ago.  We bought wireless smoke detectors from home depot.  They would got off randomly, and it was really annoying.  What we learned is that all of the units need to replaced and then reset so that they can "Speak" to each other.  If there is a loss in connection because of inproper installation, they will go off.

Alternatively, you may have a unit that is bad.  We had this happen in a rental unit where the alarams were going off repeatedly.

Smoke, dust, bugs and other things can set it off, but if they are new, that shouldn't be the issue.

I would check your installation instructions to make sure you followed each step properly.  They seem like no-brainers to set up, but there is a specific process, and if not followed, will lead to the "non-connections" I mentioned above.