Replacement windows for a flip

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What is the cheapest way to go?  Looking at vinyl single-hung.  Is it cheaper to go through a company like Champion or Feldco with an installed price, or overall cheaper to buy them at Home Depot and have your contractor install them?

@Zack Karp - unless this is a low end flip or for a rental property, look at double hung. I found more people prefer double hung and the price isn't that much more.

Also, I found buying direct from Lowes & Home Depot generally got me better pricing. Snag a 10% off coupon from Ebay for Lowes to save a bit more money. Not sure on contractors in your area, but I could get them installed really cheap in NC, like $ 30-40 bucks a window if it is a simple replacement (no extra framing or trim work needed).

@Zack Karp I realize this thread was from 9 months ago, but I was curious what path you chose.  I'm in the same situation at the moment where I need to replace 10 weather beaten wood windows on a flip.  Also looking at replacing the front window (9 windows - 3x3) with a possible bay window.  Not sure if its worth it.


Christopher Venckus

@Christopher Venckus

Hi Chris. I have done two flips and would mos definitely not go with someone like feldco or any of those companies... you wouldn’t make any money they are so expensive. 

  I usually buy my windows from a Manufacturer in chicago but i also use windows from a local window store on the north side of Milwaukee. I also second what @Andrew Kerr said i would go with double hung windows... it is up to you ir the kind of flip you are doing to go with low e or economy, this usually adds another 40 or 50 dollars to the peice but it is nice to market your home as having low e argon windows. 

On another note, i have not bought windows from menards, lowes, home depot but they have some decent windows as well... from my experience i have just gotten a better price from other sources and find a bigger size variety wothout having to special order unless its a crazy size. @Christopher Venckus i would love to connect and be of any assistance i can. Im in the milwaukee area but work my full time job in kenosha.  Pm me for any questions.

@Luis Sosa thanks for your response.  I'll probably go the double-hung route.  Depending upon time I may install them myself depending upon pricing I can get from local contractors.

It's good to connect with someone local. I've attended a Kenosha REIA meeting and met some folks there. Its always nice to get feedback from others doing the same thing.

@Christopher Venckus Were is your flip? and what else do you do? I've been wanting to go to those but always seem to be busy doing something. I get e mails from the REIA group that meets in Brookfield at those hotels right off I94.

As far as the windows go...... yea i think that would be your best bet( double hung).

Do you do work yourself on the flips or you hire out?

@Luis Sosa I'm currently working on 2 properties.  Both are Single Family homes...1 in Chicago and 1 in Harwood Heights, IL.  I'm also involved in the Madison, WI area. 

With respect to the work, I do a combination of both.  Cost and timing have made me do some work myself (framing, painting, electrical, some plumbing, flooring, etc).  If I can find a contractor that's reasonable I'm more than happy to hire them.  I love to learn, but there just isn't enough time to do all of that and actually have a life.

To be honest, trying to do a lot of this stuff in addition to my full-time job (I'm a college instructor) I run out of time, so I've also been investing in Notes. I started out with some Performing Notes, but I've been fortunate enough to JV a couple of deals with @Wayne Snell of Platinum Ventures and he's been awesome.  I've learned a ton and I'm looking to keep learning.  No tenants, toilets, or trash as they saw.  Also, the "flips" are getting harder and harder to find these days.

Reading this myself....just working on my first flip.  I got a window and siding estimate from a family member who does this for a living.  Shocking is all I can say.  It is $12500 for windows and $15000 for siding for a 1000sf ranch home.  Where is everyone getting windows and siding done reasonably?  Are you buying materials and hiring carpenters to do the work?  Any advice appreciated! 

@Dana Benda those prices sound insane. What type of siding? I did vinyl siding on an 1150 sqft ranch for $3500 and I buy Single hung windows for about $150 each. I install them myself but it should cost more than a few hundred per window to install, unless they are custom sizes

Thank you!  Siding I used was middle of the road. Quote I had was totally ridiculous, and found someone who was able and willing to do job for what I would consider fair.  Good workers here are in demand, so hard to find able and willing guys to do carpentry.  Have had great luck with all other trades, but still lacking a solid partner in that.  :)