looking for reliable contractors in kansas city

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Hello fellow Kansas City investors!

I've recently done a couple investments around KC, but the contractors I used for various professions burned me and cost me precious time and money. I'm looking for a reliable, reasonably priced contractor(s) in most areas, you know your typical electrical, plumbing, HVAC, interior finishes, etc.

Any recommendations are welcome as I'm looking to overhaul my contractor contact list as I move on to my next investment. Good contractors seem to be hard to come by, and the good ones know that good recommendations lead to repeat business and are kept busy by others or do not advertise. So if you would, please advertise for them! Thanks in advance!

Brandon, we have worked with Dallas Kidd and his family with Under Pressure, they have a rehab business, a maintenance company, a haul and trash out company and a staging company.  They manage everything very well.  Google Dallas Kidd and Under Pressure or PM me and I can give you his website.

We have also heard good things about @Michael Belman with M&M Property Pros - he's here on BP somewhere.

We have other construction suppliers that have installers.  Other contractors that attend meetings and a ton of vendors at most monthly MAREI meetings that have their own list of referrable contractors - but most of these Vendors are not on BP, so you can't get any input from there here.

For example - we have 7 different hard money lenders with a huge list of vendors they refer, 2 Title companies, a Cabinet Flooring Guy, 3 Property Managers, several wholesalers, and some companies that specialize in water and other damaged homes.

Hope to see you at a future MAREI meeting.