Contractor threatening of putting a lien

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Hi, I have worked with a contractor for the last 2-3 years in TX and although he is slow, I stuck with him for convenience and dependability. Although, we have a general contract for any work, neither of us signs it - I pay him as the work progresses. On one of my recent repairs, he left the job midway and is expecting a pay for the unfinished work. I was willing to pay him in a few days but he started threatening to put a lien on the house until I paid him. This makes me think all the mistakes I have been doing......not enforcing a strict contract etc....

1) Does he have a case to put a lien without neither of us signing a contract to begin with ?

2) How long does it last ? Now that he is threatening, can I hold off on the payment until I sell the property ? 

3) Say, I owe him $2000, if and when I pay him upon him putting the lien, how much would I have to repay - I mean, what kind of interest is charged ?

Appreciate your help !

He can put a lien on your house.   I can too.  But it would not be defensible.  Keep an active papertrail.  Did you send him any emails regarding the unfinished work?  I'd actually consult the advice of an attorney.  I have one (never had to use for myself) that knows lien law and has dismissed or negotiated liens.