[Contractor Request] Need an Engineer/Architect

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Hi, I'm in Orlando and need to assess the condition of the trusses and roof for a duplex. The roof was damaged by a fire. Can you recommend an engineer or architect that can conduct this work? We'll need them to draw up plans for the work also.

Most architect s will be able to tell you if it's in ok shape. But if it's near that boarder line of an iffy situation they will tell you to get an engineer. So I would suggest to just go straight to an engineer. Plus insurance will more than likely want an engineer on record for that kind of inspection anyways.

@Jovon Itwaru

I have a structural engineer that can help you with plans and design. 

But if you are just replacing an existing truss, your contractor may be able to pull a permit and repair/replace an existing structural element as long as you are not altering the original design.

You can call for a courtesy meeting/inspection and ask the inspector what it would be required before spending the money with an Architect/Engineer.