Recommendation for Contractor in Oakland area

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Hi - I’m looking for a recommendation for contractors in the Oakland, CA area. Would anyone here have recommendations they support and can share? Thanks in advance!

What do you need done? I know a great design-build firm (though my sense is that they're $$$), a great plumber, and recently had someone do a great job on a three-story deck. Let me know if you'd like me to email any of those. 

Ryan, what kind of work are you looking for. I have a ton of great tradespeople and contractors in my database that I'd be willing to share. Feel free to DM me for that info.



Hi Hans,

Would you by chance have a framer, drywaller, roofer and finish carpenter in your database you could share.  We are working on building an addition and need some trades people to finish the project. 

Thanks in advance.