Porcelain Sink Damage

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Hey folks,

A renter at my STR cabin did a number on my vintage, perfectly restored porcelain sink. I'm not sure what it is/how it happened, but it's black streaks that no matter how hard I scrubbed I could not get out. I'm a little heart-broken, as it's such a beautiful sink and while I plan on charging them a damage fee, I'm wondering what the process is like of re-finishing / fixing this back up? A simple google search told me it's in the $250-500 range?

- but is this something I'm going to have to uninstall and bring to someone, or what's this process like? Thanks for the help!

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Thanks - I'm now starting to think it's cast iron...same concept?

We have the same problem on our 1940s clawfoot tub (cast iron) and porcelain sink in our STR over in West Seattle. Home Depot and the like sell reglazing kits, and/or or you can use a paint sprayer and a specialty paint compound. We have the supplies but haven't pulled the trigger yet (partially because it has to stay dry for 48 hours and we're in the middle of the busy summer season!) but will report back. Cheers!


Have you tired Bar keeps friend.  Its a cleaning product.  I swear by it, its magic.  They have a couple different options to choose from.

Try using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I don't know if it will help but it's amazed me in the past.