Palm Springs Contractors

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Hi everyone,

Im looking to purchase a property that will need some renovations for the backyard. It will be a short term rental so my business partner and I had a few landscapers walk the property. We told them what we wanted and showed them some pictures as well as to what we had in mind. The problem is... none of the contractors gave us an estimate!! It makes it challenging to figure out the numbers on the investment since we don't know what the renovations will cost us. Does anyone have any suggestions on this matter? Is it something that we did? I made sure to look at yelp reviews before calling the contractors and having them walk the property.


Hi John, it is landscaping, pool and fence work for our backyard.  Specifically laying down artificial turf and concrete and making pool upgrades.  Do you know of any good contractors in the area?  

What are the upgrades on the pool that are required?  How many square feet of concrete need to be poured?  How much turf?  Hard to tell who a good fit would be without more info.....not sure if its a $5k or $50k job.  It's hard to get someone to write a quote on a house you don't even own yet, but if you can get me a clear and detailed scope of work I can probably get you in the ballpark, and refer you to some options.