Improper gas valve for gas range???

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The gas company came out last week to establish service.  The kitchen was being remodeled, so the tech was able to see the gas valve that would be used for a gas range, if I were to ever get one.  The range I am planning on getting is electric.

In any case, the tech said that he could not establish service, as the gas valve was made of the wrong metal.  I can't remember if it was brass, galvanized steel, etc.  In any case, he said that it would need to be replaced before service could be established.

The contractor working on the property said that the tech was probably new and didn't know what he was talking about.  He said I should just call and have them come out again, and a different tech will likely show up and simply establish service without issue.

What is the likelihood that this will work?  I would be tempted to simply change the valve, as that is about a 10 dollar valve and about 5 minutes of work.

I never heard of a gas valve being the wrong metal. Natural gas lines are sometimes copper, sometimes iron pipe and many of the valves I've seen are brass but I've seen iron ones too. Did he specify which type of metal he thought the valve should be made of?

I did a little research and I suspect that the issue is not the type of metal but an incorrect valve application. ie, someone may have used a shutoff intended for water and not a gas rated one.

They're typically marked in some way. If it's the wrong type of valve, yes, change it out even if you're not going to use it. And it should be capped if nothing is hooked to it. (ie, metal cap or plug so it can't get turned on and vent gas into the structure)