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Hey everyone. I'm looking for a window contractor to replace 3 broken windows in Melrose, MA. Any recommendations for a contractor/handyman to do the job?

From the few contractors I've talked to, the quotes ranged from $800-2000 per window and I got roped into a 90 minute window sales pitch. What's a normal price to pay per window for a rental around Boston? I would've expected $300-500 but maybe that's completely wrong.

@Kyle Koziol

Check out

If you're talking about replacement double hung windows, you can't beat their price and I found their service to be very good.  I would go with their mid-range window or their triple pane window, if you want their best for not that much more.

Not sure if they have a minimum window order quantity these days as I used them about 4-5 years ago for a rental property where I replaced all the windows after purchase.

Your original quote is right for entry vinyl windows. The trouble is, and I suspect, is that they're charging you bc of the address - it looks like you live in Melrose which is a wealthy suburb so you'll have to work harder to find the contractor that's going to give you a fairer price for the job. 

That’s definitely a reasonable price. I’ve worked with an amazing contractor located right outside of Melrose. He actually did windows and siding in my home. The name of the company is WG maintenance services from Everett MA! 

@Kyle Koziol

This is a lot easier than you may think it is, and you can save some big bucks in your ZIP Code.

For a supplier, I LOVE the MAKI brand SWS Windows (Gardner MA) or Harvey Windows (Fitchburg MA). SWS windows exceed the specifications on a LOT of other standard brands.

All being said, can you repair the windows? If it is just broken glass, you may be able to pull out the sash and have it repaired.