Finding new contractors

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This is becoming a problem everywhere. There is such a backlog of homes to be built and still high unemployment which is resulting in a shortage of skilled labor in the housing market pretty much nationwide. Couple that with supply chain shortages causing delays in getting building materials and price increases and it's created a big bottleneck in the entire building industry. This may get better once unemployment benefits run out and people get back to work but it will take some time to see the results of breaking through the backlog. My best advice to you is to network, network, network. The only way we're having success is by leveraging relationships to get an "in" with builders and other trades. Get involved in a REIA - it's a good place to get referrals. Put a shoutout on whatever social media you use asking friends and family if they can recommend anyone. Sometimes it takes a phone call from someone you know to someone they know to get that builder to agree to take on your project. Be persistent. Good luck to you!