water is coming up through floor drains in baswment- heavy rain

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After Toledo got about 5 inches of rain in a short period of time, my duplex started to have water come up from the drain in the basement floor, and out of the sewer drain in the basement. There’s a drain in the yard as well, and water was shooting out of there. It seems to be too much rain and water for the storm sewer to handle, and it caused a backup. No damage occurred, and we got a ton of rain and this is the only time it has happened. I also have a home warranty with first American, so to get this scoped/ fixed it should be covered. Has anyone else with an older home or in the Toledo Ohio area experienced this? If so feel free to provide advice or

Tips. Thanks!

@Ryan Maguire water in basements in the Midwest is almost a given unless you take steps to control it...what you are describing is a freak event...the sewer system was overwhelmed...getting 5in rain in this part of the country usually only happens from hurricanes from the Gulf...

Sounds like you got it sorted...could have been worse

Something to look into just to be sure, while I was renting In a duplex the same thing happened. There was a lot of rain but the main reason for the back up was roots had worked their way into the pipes. You could get an inspection to be safe in future.  Old boss always told me “One ounce of prevention is better than 10lbs of cure.”

Hey @Ryan Maguire It almost sounds like your houses has built before 1975, if so, this is sort of normal unfortunately.  I would Scrape the basement walls, tuck point any loose areas and drylok the walls.  Toledo Basement can do this and more with warranty so that would be another option to figure out how to resolve.