Love BP but hate the talking ads

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So recently a lot of the ads on are videos that run automatically. There's no way that I have found to adjust the audio on these, other than just muting my computer. I know BP needs ad revenue to function, but I hate the audio aspect- especially if I'm listening to something quiet already and this advertiser's voice comes barging in on top of it. Makes me jump!

File under: venting, my $.02

@Jean Bolger - I'm not sure which ads you're talking about, but we'd never sell these kinds of ads directly. It may be a company that is targeting us via Google AdWords OR it may be an advertiser that is retargeting you based on previous web visits.

Can you send me an email with a screenshot or let me know the advertiser and we'll investigate?

I'd never approve ads that play any kind of noise without direct consent from the user via a click or play action.

@Jean Bolger I have not experienced what you are talking about, thank goodness. It very well could be your computer has a virus from another source that activates an ad when you are browsing the web. I hope your situation is solved because I went trough a similar experience on an old laptop of mine, very irritating. best of luck!

@Jean Bolger What is happening to you isn't coming from BP. Good thing you mentioned it, because you'd probably end up leaving the community and not know what it was. You might want to increase your security, change your passwords, etc.

Interesting! I actually just ran an anti-adware app the other day, and it came up clean - yet it is still happening. I'm not noticing it on other websites. I will definitely try to catch it next time @Joshua Dorkin and send you a screenshot. And I'll look in to how I might block it or remove from my end It's not all the time by any means- but it did just happen while I was typing this and I was too slow at remembering how to do a screenshot- duh! The last one was for Verizon.

Don't worry @Karen Margrave it's not bad enough to drive me away :)

I don't have that issue, either, and @Jean Bolger I hope you're able to get it remedied soon... but what prompted me to write was to say how impressive it is to see @Joshua Dorkin 's reply to the concern within 5 minutes!! That's what's so great about BP! Not only does the community pitch in to help, but the actual site admin's are right on top of things, too! Kudos to Joshua and all at BP!

@Jean Bolger What browser are you using? Check your programs and see if you have anything from, that took over my computer one time and was doing all kinds of pop ups. I had to restore my computer to an earlier time, you might want to try that too. Good luck! I had my email hacked a few ago and it mailed stuff to everyone including BPers, telling them I had a sick relative in Greece and needed money! Had to change all my passwords.

OK! I've called consulted my go-to mac advisor friend who had me re-install the chrome browser and change some settings. Since it seems like it's not a common experience l guess it is not a BP thing! Let's assume I've got it sorted out now. I'm so sorry for wrongly accusing you of auditory assault @Joshua Dorkin ;)

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