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Hey folks! I'm putting together some pages on the site (Like the "signup" page) and want to include some short testimonials, so rather than searching hundreds of forum threads, I thought I'd just ask for some here! 

I need short (under 150 characters if possible) blurbs about what BiggerPockets has done for you or why you love it. It can be specific ("The Keyword Alerts Have..." or "being a BiggerPockets Pro has...") or general (BiggerPockets has...) but the more personal, the better! 

Thanks all! 

Uh, yeah. BP has saved me so much time and money. Wish I had found BP before all the courses & seminars. I'd be like a thousandaire or something! :) $9/mo for the Plus is well worth all the help I’ve received. I could go on, but I'm limited to 150 characters and I’m well over budget. :)

BP is a very informative site with experts in every subject matter.  Site members are helpful resolving issues and analyzing property figures.  BP helps people network and answer questions fast and efficiently.  I'm fairly new, but addicted to reading the forums.  

It's like having an army of expert advisors in your pocket!

Becoming a BiggerPockets Pro member afforded me the ability to conduct in-depth research on possible deals and receive valuable responses from Real Estate Investors with decades of real estate experience.

Sorry more than 150 characters its difficult to do when your site has help me and my company so much.

LOVE doesn't quite describe the feeling I have; it is something SO much more!  As others have said, it's an excellent tool for networking and learning - not just the podcast but also the forums!  Additionally, there are the blogs and free books and documents that others that have posted that have helped tremendously as well!

I have been investing for 7+ years and have done a few properties with a single mentor-ship but often times not all the answers.  With BiggerPockets, there are many mentors who care and reply to post even if they have been asked previously.  This has installed confidence to doing more deals and networking with others throughout the world!

BiggerPockets doesn't cost a whole lot and is well worth the small investment!  Thank you @Joshua Dorkin  and @Brandon Turner  for making BiggerPockets such a SUCCESS!

Bigger Pockets is simply the best.  I started by diving head first into real estate and without much knowledge surrounding the subject of investing, I can honestly say in a few short weeks I know about 10 times more than I did prior to being active on Bigger Pockets.  Whether it be listening in to the weekly podcast, using the deal analysis tools or reading up on topics I am not familiar with.  Everything is here.  If it hasn't been discussed, I start a forum, it's amazing the kind of response rates that are seen.

Being a brand new baby of BP I have to say I am thrilled beyond the most heart stopping roller coaster out there!  I have checked out other sites where the last post was 2 years ago.  BP is up to the minute active and reactive!  I am so happy that I found you this early in my decision to become a Real Estate Agent/ Investor.  Life is Great!  BP is AWESOME!  and this Community Rocks!  Cheers, and God Bless Texas! I mean all of you! :-) Beck

Before joining BP I didn't know where to look for the answers to my questions. I started listening to the podcasts and reading the forums and the answers were all there. BP has given me the knowledge as well as the confidence I need to start working towards my future!

BiggerPockets is easily the most comprehensive and easy-to-digest source of real estate investment information available on the web or otherwise. And it's free to boot! Anyone looking to get into real estate investment or trying to hone their skills should spend some time at

LOL, leave it to me to read 150 words and not characters! So if I may try again to make it unto the "Testimonial" page. I would like to say this about BP:

"BP is the most Active and Reactive REI knowledge packed site out there! Keyword Alerts are awesome and whether you go Free, Plus or Pro... Just GO!"

Bigger Pockets takes you from reading the same old real estate book that says the same as the rest of the real estate books to actually looking for your first property with confidence.  

BP has been a door into a whole new realm of real estate. The connections are amazing. The knowledge is powerful. The experience is overwhelming. It is an adventure you don't want to leave. This site has been a genuinely positive influence for both old and new.  

Thank you.

Seeing and reading the Deal Analysis and Advice.  opens your mind to other viewpoints of deals  and different ways to approach them.  helps build your education level  and if you have doubts on a potential deal, you can always get a second and third opinion 

Simple... BiggerPockets is just solid. No hype, no ulterior motives, and no BS. A family community full of outstanding and fresh information given freely on a daily basis... I learn something everyday!

I've met some wonderful people and students here on BP.  Both online, and in person.  And I've learned a few things myself!

Bigger Pockets is an awesome and unique site!  A wealth of information is made available and all at no cost!   You have the opportunity to interact with countless experienced investors and acquire their counsel on any facet of real estate investing.   It's incredible!   You won't find anything out there like it!   @Josh Dorkin & @Brandon Turner, you've done an awesome job!   I love Bigger Pockets!   

If I had to condense the value of BP to one word then that word would be "indispensable". Now to expand on that word: BP is the indispensable and cost effective "Swiss Army Knife" of Real Estate knowledge that every investor should have in his or her toolbox.

Being a newbie investor, that took an interest in Real Estate Investing (REI) years ago but never took the plunge because of lacking confidence, I have had quite the experience learning from such knowledgeable investors who are so willing to impart that valuable knowledge freely. The BP community answered questions that I had about REI, in less than one hour, than the "gurus" did in nearly two decades!

Because of that, I have more confidence in pursuing my REI goals now than I did have before BP.

That is why BP is highly valued to me.

What you can use: Bigger Pockets is an educational resource that has ingrained in it a sense of community that fosters a helping culture where individuals share their real estate learnings, best practices, and experiences with members and enjoy far greater levels of reciprocity. 

What you should not use: I had a professor a few years ago who, when characterizing Zillow, described it as being "porn for real estate investors". If that is really true, can you imagine how that person would describe what Bigger Pockets is for real estate investors? BTW--don't answer this. It was a rhetorical question :) 

This is AWESOME everyone! Thanks so much! Not only will these testimonials look amazing on the site, it's just a great encouragement for us to see. Thanks all! 

The podcast rock!!! I've had to delete apps from my phone to make room for all the podcasts that I keep downloaded! Plus I've made more connections via meetups that formed because of BP than I have from my local REIA over the years.

Bigger pockets is the best site I've found to educate myself on real estate investing. I stumbled upon it when I downloaded the free book on Kindle. As I read the book, I saw the link and clicked on it. Wow!!! Thank you so much for creating this space to share info freely and develop relationships. It's great!

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