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How exciting, BP is coming up to 1,000,000 POSTS! What a fete for @Joshua Dorkin  next to him, who has been here the longest? @Jon Holdman  ? I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to all of you that stuck it out in the early days, as like any business venture, I'm sue there was a lot of wondering what would come of it, and here all of you are, you've made it a SUCCESS!!! and by far THE best real estate site anywhere!! Thank you! 

So.. How long have YOU been here, and how did you find BP? 

I agree with Karen. Excellent resource and I plan to be a member for years to come. I have only been here a few months but I have already learned a lot. I believe I found my way here through a google search about spec homes.

@Matt C.  Welcome aboard!! I've been a member since 2009, though it doesn't seem that long ago I joined. I found it after we had relocated to southern California, didn't know anybody here, knew nothing about the market or best niche to get in here, and found BP. It really helped me get a feel for the market, and now we're well on our way, building spec houses, etc. Plus, meeting lots of great people through BP. 

We will be doing a condo project in San Clemente next year, and one of our lenders is a BP member! 

Well my profile says 2010 but I came across this site way back and was a member when it was a static page. I would guess right around when it started or a little after. Years and years later I came across it again but it had a forum and looked totally different.

I tried to sign in with my old info but I think they had switched over or something so I created a new account as it didn't work.

It used to be one page with bank REO foreclosure links in the middle of it. It's amazing what Josh has done with it since then.

Ironically, I'm member #9 here on the site . . . not sure why, but I'm guessing someone else might have beat me to the punch. j/k

It would be cool to see some of the old-timers jump in to let us know how long they've been here . . . thanks to everyone who is a part of the site -- especially those of you who have been around over the years!

I got here in late 2008, when there were only about 200 posts per day, vs. the well over 1000 per day now. I had made a commitment to learning REI, decided to read 10 books on the subject, when I found BiggerPockets. I finished the book I was on, number six I think, and then dove into BP. I've probably learned more here at BP, than if I had read 100 books. I've certainly made great connections, and done deals with other members, that never would've happened if I had just stuck with books.

I got here last year, and it's been great.  I wish I had known about the site when I started investing versus getting to it only last year.  But I feel I have benefited not only from reading, but also contributing.  I've met a lot of nice people through the un-official BP meet ups.  And, after the podcasts, I suddenly got a lot more emails!

At the end of this month it will be 5 years as a member.

I had lurked a bit too before, I was on another site, defunct now, a guru had it but the forums were a free speech area as to my guru bashing (which has gotten worse over the years or better, depending on your point of view).

I remember Joel when he was asking agent's questions,  and Jon K. asking questions as well, as well as others here.  BP was simply at a higher level and those who had a clue seemed to migrate here.

Wasn't here long, I remember Josh called me and asked about my experience as I jumped around a lot in different topics. LOL

Have to say that then, we had more time or topics that got into more depth I think, as more new folks joined in it's gotten to feel like a full time job just addressing basic stuff and trying to keep them out of trouble more than having a chance to drill deeper, but that's fine, that's been my goal.

5 years really isn't that long, but it is too, I've seen many come and go. An old member too was Eddie from the Hollywood area, sharp guy and miss his contributions.

Jon Holman was here before dirt was discussed I think, he had his hands full trying to keep up.  

Will B was around, when the chat room was here (that should come back IMO) Will and I tried to do a presentation on the fly without any coordination before hand, that flopped big time. LOL

I think there should have been a warning on BP like a bottle of hydrocodone, This Site May Become Addictive !

Josh, you're just an enabler to internet addicts.....LOL, good thing too as I think it really makes a positive contribution to the industry.  

Congrats Josh, on the upcoming millionth post, glad I had the opportunity to contribute, so thank you! Keep it up, keep shooting for the stars! :)

I was fortunate enough to come across BP few months before I bought my first investment property and after coming across BP, it changed completely what I thought was a good investment property. I have been a member for close to 5 years and it has been very exciting to be part of this great community.

I think the most important part of this site is the evolution of constantly learning and the relationships that are forged.

I realized a long time ago that I will be learning in all facets of life for the rest of my life. I can't remember who said it but there is the saying " When the student is a ready a teacher will emerge. "

Everyone has room for positive growth daily . Anyone that says they know everything you run from that person............. : ) I approach everyday like my brain is empty and I need to fill it with new knowledge to add to my collection. I just love learning. Some of my family members say I am lucky. I tell them luck is where hard work meets preparation and timing.

I would be interested to know who 1 to 8 were also.

@Karen Margrave  

I have been a lurker on BP since almost it's inception. I was just cutting my teeth on the real estate game then, and found it after searching for answers to an investment question. I was surprised by the amount of knowledge the site contained and the experience of it's members.

Undoubtedly, BP has saved be from many mistakes!

Thanks Josh!!!

Yes, who was 1-8?

Looks like the millionth is about 2 hours and 28 minutes away, break out the hats and horns! :)

I think I joined the site in early 2007.  I started seriously looking at RE investments in 2006 after a project I had put a lot of effort into in my day job was cancelled.  Found this site not too long after that.  I don't recall exactly when @Joshua Dorkin  convinced me to become a moderator.

Yeah Josh is good at reeling us in as moderators. I think he uses Jedi mind tricks on us!

This March will be 6 years for me as an official member, and I have been on the site for about 6 months longer than that while I was just reading and getting familiar with it. Other than Josh and Jon Holdman, I think I am one of the members with the longest active membership. 

I remember when a question would be asked in the forums and it would maybe get a response or two that day, now, responses are almost instant with the large membership base, some much so that it is impossible to keep up with everything.

I stumbled across this site after joining another, at the time, I was going back and forth and BP became my home, has not changed since!

Wow, the pace really picked up, Josh is probably busy trying to make sure the cell/field for the post count goes to 7 digits (LOL) and linking servers to keep the site from crashing!

I do participate in other non RE sites, boats, aviation, travel but none have the activity of BP, some threads are more like a chat room! Not like years past as Will mentioned.

Pass me a red hat someone......and where is the punch?

BTW, the post count says 999.5xx something and 155 posts to go in the count down, my math says something isn't right @Joshua Dorkin  

The forum homepage is cached.  The announcement on the top right is the accurate number....

Originally posted by @Bill Gulley :

BTW, the post count says 999.5xx something and 155 posts to go in the count down, my math says something isn't right @Joshua Dorkin  

 Looks like you're in for an audit, Josh ; )

One of Brandon's cats' doings I'm sure, animal control may need to be notified!

I'm thinking too, there is going to be someone very disappointed about the prize Super Bowl tickets, Josh hasn't gotten his loan request in yet and that needs to be done before there is any winner! ;)

We'll probably find out later that the system can't determine the postings other than the count.

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