How to get receipt for biggerpockets membership

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I just purchased my membership to biggerpockets and I'd like to get some sort of receipt from biggerpockets to serve as documentation for my tax deduction.  

I didn't get a receipt and I can't find a way to send a help email to biggerpockets.  

Can anyone help me with this?


That is a big problem with the site and should be something easy to fix.  It is the same when purchasing the books.  The only option I know of was to print the screen that confirmed the order, but it is horribly designed and spews out 3-4 pages of junk because of the way the menu structure and page layout is coded.  It hardly looks like a receipt from a professional supplier so hopefully the IRS won't ever decide they need to look at them.

Thanks for the information.  

How about sending a request/email to biggerpockets.  Do you know a way to do that?

I'm going to send them a request one way or the other.  I'm going to connect with you so I can give you feedback whenever I get it.  

I'm a newbee to BP so I'm just learning my way around.  Again, thanks for trying to help me.

I've only sent a message to biggerpockets support once, and they were AWESOME ... quick communication and super helpful.  

So I'm trying to find a link to BP support. I'm obviously not looking in the correct place because I can't find it.  Can you give me an idea where to find the help button?


Stop the presses.  I found it.  Sorry to bother you.

Thanks Josh.  Love it.  Any chance of getting something like this for books and stuff in the future too?

Thanks Josh.  That was just what I was looking for. 

@Paul Ewing  - The order confirmation page on books serves as a receipt and indicates to print it out for your records.  

Note that by "print" it doesn't mean you have to print it on paper.  Just save it to PDF on your computer.  Maybe you have a folder for such purchases.  You can be digital and still have a receipt.

@Joshua Dorkin   I do that, but the pages do not print well.  I'll send you a PDF of them later.  It spans three to four pages.  The first page is the menu printed vertically them some graphics, and the actual text of what you bought usually split over two pages, and some more footer stuff scatter further down.  I would love an email copy or a link to print a clean receipt.  It doesn't have to be a PDF, it can just be plain HTML page with no fancy menus and such just the info on what you bought, when, and for how much.

Don't most of these transactions get paid from your debit or credit card? Did the bank or CC company stop giving statements? Don't you enter your purchase of "educational materials" and office supplies if you buy forms or contracts on your books, don't you deduct it according to the allowable expenses on your taxes?

Your books reflect the expenses. Your personal credit card statement is the audit trail for your additional contribution to your capital account on you books of the business and is evidence of the expenditure for audit purposes. You can use personal money to pay expenses, you just need to account for it as a contribution to the business. If you're not in the business, but hope to be and enter within the time frame allowed, your personal expenses for educational materials related to your future job/income source is deductible, has qualifying issues, but that has nothing to do with a receipt.

All you have to show is that you paid for the item, that is on your statements

Photo copy your statements that have such disbursements. Take the copy and black out the private expenses to the bars, strip joints, massage parlors, X rated site memberships and other personal expenses that you may not want aired to any auditor, leave the amount of the expenses so that the statement can be audited as to balances, the statement is your receipt of payment and it balances to beginning and ending balances. It is sufficient proof of payment. The statement will have the account number credited and the IRS nor anyone else will dig deeper for some small expense. If it were $5K, I might say be a bit more formal.   :) 

Thanks for the information.  I typically can get a "real" receipt that I save.  I haven't thought about using the credit card statement to supply the needed documentation.  I always keep a PDF of credit card statements so I have it covered that way too.  Thanks again for the idea.

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