New BiggerPockets Discount: Investor Websites from LeadPropeller

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Hey All - 

We just added a new vendor to our BP Investor Discounts (Perks) Program and I thought I'd share . . .

One of the requests our members seem to have on a regular basis is for websites, and we found a company that is close to home which provides a fantastic product at a reasonable rate:

LeadPropeller, from @Danny Johnson  can help you to get a beautiful, high-quality investor website to help you promote your business and get leads. 

BiggerPockets PRO Members can SAVE 10% by going to our BP Investor Discounts page and visiting the LeadPropeller Perk:

Here are a few features:

  • Get 3 websites for one low monthly price
  • Mobile-responsive so your websites will look great on all devices
  • Beat the competition by having leads texted to you immediately
  • Built by an active real estate investor with SEO in mind
  • Separate websites for buying, selling and wholesaling houses
  • Several amazing templates to choose from
  • Very easily customized with a super simple custom editor
  • Include a Wordpress Blog on all of your websites
  • Integrates with several email marketing services so you can easily build your buyers list and follow up with motivated sellers
  • In-house support available by phone and email

We think you'll really like the product.

Do note: By signing up via the links above or via our Discounts page, you also help support the mission of BiggerPockets.  We get a referral fee for any signups to the LeadPropeller site. This, along with our sponsors and membership expenses help us grow the platform and bring you the best tools possible to help your business.

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As a newbie im not sure how it helps provide leads for a business. Most people i know use a mls or just an agent to find their houses. It looks really modern and sharp and obviously its been working for Danny but im just curious about the science behind it?

@Joshua Dorkin  Super pumped to be able to work with BiggerPockets.  I've been a huge fan for a very long time.  Thank you.

@Landon Dolezal Regarding your question about the science behind the websites, it's very simple. We all know that having several sources of leads is usually necessary to have a successful house flipping/real estate investing business. While using the MLS and agents to find deals works for many people, it also is very difficult for many others, especially where the competition is fierce (which seems to be in most areas these days).

I've personally always been a huge fan of marketing to motivated sellers.  Instead of always hunting around for deals, you can have people that want (and sometimes need) to sell their houses quickly and are willing to allow a huge discount in order to have that happen.  

Of course you can do a lot of different types of motivated seller marketing, like direct mail to absentee owners, divorcing couples, people that owe back taxes, tired landlords, etc. but that can get very costly and be very time consuming.  

It's nice to have at least one or more marketing methods that you set up and promote from time to time that works for you all the time.  This of course is a website or can even be a yellow pages ad or billboards (which can be very expensive).

While I would love to say that just getting a website and setting it up causes leads to suddenly start flooding your inbox, it's just not the case.  Anybody that says they can do that without any further work is full of it.  There are things that need to be done to promote your website and get it ranked in the search engines.  

We provide training and checklists that cover those things.  These are the things that I've learned over the last near decade using a website to generate motivated seller leads.

I hope this answers your question.  If it doesn't, please don't hesitate to request more information.  


Hey guys, first time posting but been stalking BP for a while. I'm a complete newbie, but finally have been taking action and started marketing for buyers and will be starting my first mailing campain next week. Reason I'm posting is because I signed up for lead propeller about 3 weeks ago. I had both a buyers and sellers website setup in about 30 minutes total. Just having a brand and an image is what gave me the confidence to take further action in my marketing and mailing campaigns. 

All in all, I highly recommend them. Very professional looking and there's a ton of features which I haven't even explored very much of yet. 

I highly recommend them. I have my 3 websites set up and it's probably the most affordable rate you can find out there. It doesn't take you more than 5 minutes to launch your website and it's very user friendly. 

@ Michael Sobotka

I have bought lead propeller and I and verify that it's a time saver if you have never built a website before (like I have). In addition, Danny, who is a computer geek of some sort (Sorry Danny, but I do love your story about what drove you from geek-world to flipping) uses his flipping experience to optimize a website for what we all do.....wholesaling, flipping, getting leads...the website is so user friendly it allows you to tailor whatever you want to focus on,wholesaling,  RE selling,,,,and it comes crystal clear videos narrated by you guessed it Danny the ace flipper ;)

If BP was amazon, i'd give it 5 stars.

Nice addition to BP. Way to go @ Joshua Dorkin.


I'm a fan.  

I've been impressed with the simplicity and the outstanding tech support.  The price is great as well.  

It's a big advantage having a company that understands your business and the type of people you're trying to target.  

I've been a Lead Propeller client for a few months now, and have nothing but positive things to say. It was easy to set up my website (just one site for me, for now), and Danny and his team have been extremely responsive whenever I have an issue. I like that the site's functionality and tools are purpose-built for RE investors, and that Danny continues to add new features. 

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I also have the leadpropeller website. After searching for months, it was a no brainer to go with Danny who is also is an active real estate investor and knows what is needed for an online presence.

It's also user friendly for non computer geeks, such as myself. Definitely the best bang for the buck and its customizable, so it doesn't have to "look" like a template.

Kevin Latten

I have been using Lead Propeller for a few months now and have been completely happy with the product and service that Danny offers. 

Over the years I have had several different websites for other businesses I've owned and setting them up was a lot more work and required learning or having knowledge of web design, so for a first timer was very time consuming. 

With Lead Propeller you truly can be up and running in 30 minutes, depending on how much you want to add to your site.

I also dont know where else you can get 3 different sites for the low monthly cost, this makes it so easy as you grow your business without worrying about finding a different provider, it is all there for you in one GREAT package. 

The support has been awesome and very timely so didnt have to sit around for a day to get my answer.

In todays world you need internet presence and this allows you to get that without breaking the bank

Danny has taken all the hard work out of it and put together an amazing product.

This is great news. I've been hovering over deciding whether I should go with Investor Carrot or Lead Propellor for a while. This might be the factor that get me to choose Lead Propellor.

Websites aren't that difficult to put together - not as much as people might think. Most are themes designed by developers which are installed on wordpress, like these, and coding is only needed for specific changes. The hardest part is what content to put on the site - content that will speak to the reader. 

And while it's easy to convince yourself you need this to succeed, I would just make sure you really understand why? I've spent thousands on websites and all that goes with them, thinking they were going to solve my problems. Only after buying them, did it sink in that I didn't have a real need for it. Not knocking the product, just want to caution those who may be quick to buy with no understanding why? 

@Eli Schmidt  Account Closed I appreciate your opinion.  Just wanted to clarify a couple points.  

First, our sites are not WordPress templates.  Our sites are custom and come with a custom editor that we built ourselves and continue to improve constantly. 

Second, I agree with you that you do not need a website to succeed.  You also don't need to do direct mail to succeed or to build relationships with agents to succeed.  Of course it helps to do these things however.  

I am a firm believer that a website helps people to build rapport, build confidence and can generate awesome leads.  As I mentioned in the above post, it's definitely not just a set it up and forget it tool.  We do recommend lots of things to do to promote your site that I've learned help tremendously over the years.

Again, thanks for your opinion.


I signed up with lead propeller Dec 31 2014. I have just a buying website up at this time. Website very easy to setup and customize in the back office easily. Danny has tutorials that show how to customize and promote your websites. You can have three websites a house buying website, wholesaling website and a house for sale/renting website for $49.00 a month. You definitely will have to do several marketing stratigies to drive traffic to your websites as everyone knows but I do highly recommend Danny Johnson's Lead Propeller websites. Rick Messina (Charlotte NC) you can check my site at, to see how it looks.

I have been a follower of Danny's for almost a year now. I got his lead propeller website the day he released it. I am what you would extreme skeptic when it comes to purchasing any real estate investor materials and consider most "experts" to be unethical scam artists.

That being said, Danny earned my trust early on before he released his websites. As I followed his freedom by flipping blog posts, he was quick to personally respond to emails with any and all of my beginner questions. I eventually felt comfortable enough to purchase his wholesaler training. He surprised me again by backing his product and his word by personally and promptly providing any support/clarifications I needed.

When I got the Lead Propeller web site, I was blown away at how easy to use it was. I have zero website design experience or any real computer training beyond the normal web surfer in all of us. It literally walks you through, step-by-step, exactly how to customize the already professional looking websites. Don't worry, there are detailed instructional videos on this and nearly every single other aspect of the websites. In addition to teaching you how to physically work the site, Danny gives DETAILED instruction on search engine optimization and how to improve your website ranking. He explains how to drive traffic to your site. I honestly cannot believe how little I am paying for the amount of training and valuable information I am receiving.

On top of all f that, Danny is constantly updating, tweaking, and providing new information and education on the site. He proactively seeks feedback and troubleshoots promptly and effectively to your every need. I have told him privately that I didn't really think that good, honest Real Estate investors like him actually existed, I couldn't be happier with him and his website.  

In closing, I thought I should mention that I m a very private person. I don't like to put myself out there especially on the internet, I never write reviews. I felt compelled to write this because of my experience with Danny. I don't know him personally, just dealt with him in the capacity outlined above. The bottom line is if you get a lead propeller website, the only way it can fail is if you simply don't use the information available and ignore Danny's instruction. 

Lead Propeller is the way to go for starting your online real estate investment business. The templates are great and the super user friendly customization web site interface is easy to use.  Support is great and is key when using a web hosting company.

The video tutorials are easy to follow which makes Lead Propeller stand out.  They really are an extension of your business.

Thanks for all of your help getting my real estate business to the next level!!!

I would like to review Lead propeller  as I am currently using them. 

1)In my opinion the website templates are very crisp and clean and look professional.  Definitely not word press material.

2) Price per month is great as other websites would cost 4 times that of what is paid per month.  

3) Support desk is fantastic.  They are very responsive to questions via email.  What I like the best is that you can actually call the support line and someone actually answers and will walk you through and help in whatever questions you may have. Also Danny himself will answer your emails which you won't get from any other sites especially the phone support.  

4) Their tutorial videos are very detailed and to the point.

5)  They are constantly updating so always look out for new stuff

6) Listing your properties is super easy with just a few clicks here and there.  Won't take you more than 10 min.  

My overall experience with lead propeller is great.  I have been using them for only 2 months and have had nothing but great progress.  Thanks

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