Top 10 Most @ Mentioned People on BiggerPockets

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Ever wondered who are the most @ mentioned people in the BiggerPockets Community? With over 300 thousand people, you got to be someone famous (hated or loved) or important to be part of this list!

So if you're ready, here they are:

1. Bill G.

2. Brandon Turner

3. Jason Scott

4. Josh Dorkin 

5. Jon Holdman

6. Jay Hinrichs

7. Joel Owens

8. Ned Carey

9. Karen Margrave

10. K. Marie Poe

For the runner ups: Steve Babiak, Dawn Anastasi, Wayne Brooks, Jon Klaus, and Will Barnard

p.s. Thanks to @JarrettBaugh for providing this list.

Very interesting. I'm not surprised by any of those names. All are very helpful and important people to this site. I know these are the folks I can trust experiences of, and opinions. 

I think its fair to mention that maybe most mentioned is too open of a concept. These are all active investors, but also deal with some of the more common topics on this site such as wholesaling, property management, and flipping. 

Perhaps Ben Leybovich will chime in to debate this list...?

Wow, I'm proud to be at least a runner up in that list!  I wonder how someone got that information?  I guess there are tallys of pretty much all statistical information on the site by now.  Maybe one interesting one would be the top 10 posts of all time by number of replies.  I know there are some threads that have gotten into the double digits in terms of page counts.

anyone else think it's hilarious that @Joshua Dorkin is below @Brandon Turner on this list?.....or does it just confirm that Josh is really the site owner and Brandon is eternally in denial?

Good stuff,

Are there plans to make an award for mentions?

1,000 mentions or something along those lines?

Awesome list! Haha, need to spice it up with more women though. I know they are out there doing great also, stop hiding ladies show yourselves. :)

Originally posted by @Steven J. :

Perhaps Ben Leybovich will chime in to debate this list...?

Ya just couldn't  @Ben Leybovich ! Hey who disabled his @ ?  @Bob Bowling  WTF!

The game is rigged!  I'm calling my lawyer,

I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

@Dave Visaya - last night. 4 people at my dining table - my wife, Brandon and Heather Turner. nice, chilled bottle of Muscato:

I say - who's this dude Dave Visaya

Brandon says - (actually, he spills everything cause by then he's a little drunk...)

So, I am for now willing to give you the benefit of doubt...don't mess it up!

WOW!! Ok ... so the one thing we all have in common? O.C.D it's a requirement for lots of votes and @mentions, there, it's out! 

 Thanks to all those that @mention me, hopefully it's a good thing and not when I'm in trouble for something! LOL 

@Yasmine Bisumber 2 women out of 10 on the list is actually very good when you look at the sheer number of men that are members in comparison to women! Though, we can ALWAYS use more women on BP posting consistently! 

Guess I've been talking to the right folks! :)

What?  I just knew I would have made that list twice.

Ok...I guess I need to post more.  Perhaps providing useful information would help as well.

yeah I need to post more too...been too busy lately with 4 rehabs, 2 rent to owns and 6 wholesale deals...

Originally posted by Account Closed:

yeah I need to post more too...been too busy lately with 4 rehabs, 2 rent to owns and 6 wholesale deals...

haha - I can do all that and still write articles for the blog and post on the forums...and with both hands and half of the brain tied behind my back...Get on the ball, Wendell :)

I think all these people are on steroids:)

Account Closed

  try 100 plus going a any one time.... !!!

@Dawn Anastasi @Alexander Felice @Steven J. @Ben Leybovich @Karen Margrave @Bill [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Josh Dorkin @Jon [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]. Marie [email protected] Babiak, @Wayne Brooks, @Jon Klaus, @Will Barnard  I guess I have to go Pro to tag more than 5 mentioned

I want a tenant that never calls; One

that I never have to call.One that never gets mentioned

in the Handyman meetings.One that never gets mentioned

when I’m telling horror stories.

With that in mind,

Isnt it more Honorable to be LEAST mentioned?

Might as well let the top ten know - I will only try those who weren't already alerted and only if I am colleagues with them:

@Bill Gulley

Now that Letterman is off the air, I guess we need some more top ten lists.  :)

and then there's the humbling reality, I didn't make many fantasy teams last week!! 

Sorry guys if I was not able to @ mention them. I guess I'm not friends with famous people yet! And I thought Brandon was going to be top 1! haha  

It's my dream to meet @Ben Leybovich in person! I think you will be a great "Kuya" that means big brother here in the Philippines! :) Glad you had a great time!

5 of the top 10 have "J" names.  coincidence?  i think not :)  

Very cool info. Always learning something new everyday.


@Dave Visaya you on the other hand probably don't want a lot of @mentions as they means there's something that has to be dealt with!  It's all about perspective. 

Glad to know I dropped from the top 10, freed up some time for me! Though if you count all the @mentions that didn't register with my last name often misspelled, that would account for why I didn't see any of that extra time. LOL

In all seriousness, these statistics simply show the most active on the site. If you are active often, you will not only get mentioned often, but reap the rewards that come with those who utilize this great site on a consistent basis. Happy Investing!!!

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