BiggerPockets' NEW Dashboard Boxes!!

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Hey everyone!

We are excited to let you know that just moments ago, we launched a new feature that we've been working hard on that we hope will help Real Estate Investors and all of our users to get better acquainted with BiggerPockets and real estate investing in general.

These "Dashboard Boxes" are designed to help you succeed in real estate, networking, or with whatever else BiggerPockets can help you with. 

Our goal is to use these to provide you with a more personalized experience here on the site.  

You can check them out by clicking on the "Home" icon at the top left of BiggerPockets, or by just jumping right to

These boxes are brand new - we expect to iterate on these many times, and to add dozens of new ones as needed to improve how you use the site. If you have any suggestions, or find any bugs, please let me know!

I hope that this helps you - check them out and let us know what you think!

Thanks! These are very cool.

How do I turn off "recommendations" you know, looks like I have mail or votes or something but it's just how I can use stuff or get a book I don't need. 

LOL, does it seem like I need Brandon's book on small multi-family deals or use a calculator? Is there an "opt out"? I'm sure many can find the stuff useful, but this is me getting these notices. LOL 

@Bill Gulley - Over time, the recommendations are going to improve and be FAR more personalized to the user.  Be patient . . . this is version 1.  We've got a lot of cool stuff planned.

Josh what does it mean by recommendations??

I had 8 recommendations. It is not a vote or a mention. Is each box a recommendation??

Sorry just saw where you mentioned reccomendations. Too much sun by the pool today! lol 

@Joshua Dorkin

Is correct - this will get much more customized over time. After tinkering with this for a few weeks, we decided to get some basic recommendations out there for the folks that are new to the site. As time progresses we'll add some neat stuff for the long term folks like @Joel Owens and @Bill Gulley .  The recommendations will simply lead you to the dashboard and if you aren't interested in seeing them you can "x" out of them in the top right of each box.

Thanks guys!

Thanks Scott and Josh! You guys rock. My original bp sign up address was interfering with an established business. Now I can proceed unencumbered on BP. Gracias again my Denver amigos and I look forward to everything else coming!

I like it. Useful feature. We will be utilizing it.

NO BAD! How do I go from Profile Complete Award to only 88% in the new system:

I have the same issue as @Troy Fisher lost my Profile Complete, and it won't let me update Experience in Profile. 

This is great.

Pretty cool!  however .... there's never an option for us Real Estate Developers or Contractors, just wholesalers, flippers, investors. I fit into "none of the above" on those, though I am also an agent, but that's not really what I do. 

@Karen Margrave

It appears to be a moot point, if you click on the Part-time / Full-time investor radio buttons even once, then you profile shows you as an investor regardless of any other selection you might make afterward.

How do I get back in my profile where it listed me as a multi-family investor / landlord and listed the locales where we operate?

Under "Meet local members" it tells me that I should connect with "Account Closed". 


@Roy N.

 Go to your pic top right, click on arrow, go down to Profile Settings. On left hand side, click on Experience. I think that's where you do that. Good luck! 

Originally posted by @Karen Margrave :

@Roy N.

 Go to your pic top right, click on arrow, go down to Profile Settings. On left hand side, click on Experience. I think that's where you do that. Good luck! 


I did play with the new "experience" section.  That's how I discovered once you select the radio button of "part-time investor" / "full-time investor" it does not seem to matter if I select anything else afterward (say a whole different tree), my profile shows "[part/full]-time investor".

@Scott Trench

I am also experiencing the same widget on my "home" page as @Troy Fisher described above telling me my profile is 88% complete - no "occupation" specified.  If I select it, I am taken back to the new "experience" dialogues and the cycle begins again.

Is there a way to restore my old experience settings of investor / landlord and the areas in which we invest?

This is seriously cool!  I send clients to BP all the time for education, and this literally gives them a blue print of what to do once they sign up.  Thank you!  

@Roy N.  I see what you mean. Mine shows 88% complete too, but to me it doesn't make a difference, because i'm not really a real estate investor, wholesaler, flipper, but a developer, and contractor. 

Hang in there everyone, I'm sure they'll get the bugs worked out soon. 

Hey @Troy Fisher  , @Paul Santos

We are aware of the "profile" complete thing (I see it too). Rob and I are working on figuring out that bug and getting everyone back to 100% completion today and tomorrow. Seems like there was some trickiness with the new data collection process. Sorry about that!

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