New PRO Feature: Keep Track of Colleagues Through Lists!

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New PRO membership feature: Categorize your colleagues!

Sort out your colleagues, to easily find the people in your local meetup, other investors in your area, or go deep and sort them by niche to quickly find the agents or fellow landlords in your circle. YOU decide the names of your Lists, and YOU decide who goes where. And YOU are the only one who can see these lists! Just like Private Notes, these are Private Lists, too.

There is no limit to the number of lists you can create, and you can put a member into as many categories as you'd like.

This feature is for our Pro members only. Find out more about Pro Accounts, or upgrade now.

From a colleague's profile, click Lists.


A new popup window appears, giving you the option to add to an existing list or create a brand new list.

I'm going to add Dave to both of my current lists.

Hovering over their name in the forums will give you a quick view of how many lists you have them sorted into.

Life is about to become difficult for the OCD crowd at BP ... things to put into boxes ... lots of people and lots of boxes ... 

I am in the anti- do dad  category. I am tech savvy but haven't used 95% of my cell phone functions in years.

The main compliment I get from others is I can take a complex idea and make it really simple to understand.

Creating more options and  lists just slows me down. I am a purist that likes to keep things simple and ultra effective with the most simplicity possible.

I can see the younger crowds getting into exploring all of this stuff.......... : )

Now if only there was a way to use that list to automatically @Mention folks when talking about the Subject Matter: IE:

List - BP 1031 Experts (contains 4 names)

Conversation starts around 1031's someone comes in and says, HEY! these are some great 1031 Colleagues of mine @Mention - BP 1031 Experts (then it autofills!)

Or for people like me hosting meetups, @Mentioning all of my colleagues is tedious and time consuming but VERY VERY EFFECTIVE! 

I could also imagine a great use in the Marketplace, @Mention Ohio Buyers List

Thanks guys. I really haven't used the colleague system very effectively because I have hundreds of colleagues with no way to organize them. This could be just the thing I need to really start reaching out more. 

So where are the lists?

I don't see them anyplace.  

Not on my profile, my profile options, my dashboard, with the inbox or with the private notes.

I did create one so I did make sure I was looking for something that existed first.  :)

Also is the only way to create or add to a list to go to the persons profile?  While fine when you make new connections it would be a bit laborious to go through hundreds or thousands of existing connections to click on each profile to add to a list.

Obviously not many people are going to click through every single connection they have if they are in that range but it would be nice to pull up your colleagues and have the option of just adding them to a list without having to go through that many steps.

Think it is a great idea though! 

@Joshua Dorkin @Mindy Jensen This is a great direction to go with increasing BP's effectiveness as a networking resource, but I think there is even more potential to be tapped here.

BP does an excellent job in facilitating rapid, personal growth of your real estate networks by letting you connect with others in your geographic location, market segment or area of interest. While it may be easy to initially form these networks and connections, BP is still lacking in resources to effectively manage your contacts, especially as your networks grow. Bridging this gap from network creation to network management would escalate BP from being a useful investor's tool to a necessary one.

For example, let's say I'm a wholesaler and I find someone on BP interested in my type of deals. Right now, it looks like I can add them to a private list to keep track of them for when I have their type of deal come through in the future - this is a great step in the right direction. However, when a deal actually comes through, most investors are not going to want to individually go through their entire list and message each person the deal one by one. There are more effective tools for that (like email). Every time an investor turns to another networking means to achieve their networking management needs, the limitations of BP as a networking management tool become suddenly apparent.

So sure, you could add batch messaging functionality to solve the above problem. But this would come with it's own complications and potential for abuse. It is also just an example - you would be putting in a lot of time and effort into replicating an existing and well-established means of networking - a rather inside-the-box solution.

I think the true potential BP has as a network management tool is that it has the advantage that none of the other network management tools (google groups, outlook contact lists, the latest network-savvy app du jour, etc.) have. BP is where the investors are at. Hundreds of thousands of investors have come here to learn, network, and make deals happen - there is nowhere else on the web that has such a high density or diversity of real estate investors. They're already here reading posts, scouring the marketplace, and contributing experience. While some investors have already found a way to skyrocket their investments using the networking tools already available on BP, I would argue that the vast majority of users struggle to come up with an effective and consistent means to incorporate BP's functionality into their investing or networking plan.

While private lists can certainly be powerful tools in the right hands, perhaps entirely rethinking the way these lists could be used would make them more accessible to the masses. An example would be establishing public list or group functionality. Let's say as a BP Pro user I could create a public list I titled "Buyers Seeking SFH Deals in Colorado Springs" or "Learning Subject-to Investing" and opened it up to the public so my fellow investors could opt in if they self-identified with the title and description. Even more powerfully, what if I could then search through similar public lists and send a batch invitation to the members in a public list to my private list, where I offered content or deals in line with their interests. The end result of this is that BP would essentially act as an opt-in networking broker for all parties - you opt in to your interests, people with something to offer could then easily identify those who are seeking it, and then there is a final opt in for being recruited into a private list where user-generated content and deals are housed.

While the above idea may or may not prove to be full of holes, I think BP has huge potential to grow into the go-to network management tool for investors. Thanks for adding the list functionality, and I look forward to continuing to grow my own investments with the ever-expanding offerings here.

WOW, that's great! I really like Troy's idea, I might have a couple mentions out of that :)

There have been many times I wanted to contact someone but forgot the name with the face type of thing, that's solved now.......fantastic! 

I just had a PM about the Pro membership and had to say I don't use mine to the fullest extent, I was unaware of this feature (and most others) as I'm a forum type. 

Now I can have boxes to organize boxes, along with an index box to organize primary boxes.......OCD? LOL  

great feature as mentioned in other posts, as mentioned above, maybe have it so you can hover over each colleague in your list and just be able to assign them to a list without going to their profile, also maybe have it so that on your colleague list it shows that you have assigned a person to a list, with a check mark or something next to their picture, this way if you can not get to them all in one sitting, you will know where you left off or who you haven't assigned to a list.

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