Welcome New BiggerPockets Moderator: Joel Owens

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We just brought another @BiggerPockets power user on to help us better moderate and manage the community, @Joel Owens .

Joel has been a member of BiggerPockets for 2 1/2 years now, and been very helpful to many of our members with his close to 3,000 insight-filled forum posts. He is a commercial real estate broker and an investor who specializes in Multifamily properties (5 + units) and Triple Net leasing, and is a great resource for new commercial investors.

Definitely make sure you follow him here on BP, and wish him well as he joins the moderation team.

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Congrats Joel! I will be the first to say that more than a handful of his posts have helped me tremendously in the past as I know they will in the future!

Great news! Joel has added tremendous value to BP in sharing his commercial and all around REi knowledge. Welcome to the moderator team, Joel!

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The next moderator with an J in first name :).

Congrats Joel and good luck.


Congrats Joel. I'm sure that you will be a great addition.

Congratulations Joel! I have always enjoyed your input...a great addition!

Congrats Joel! Welcome aboard!

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Thanks everyone ! Looking forward to keeping the site great and helping out.

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@Joel Owens Congratulations! GREAT ADDITION!

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