The date and Place of the 2013 investors summit

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Karen has a great idea there about posting it here. There are what 106k members and if only 2% know someone then you will have it licked..Let me know if myself or my partner Roberta can help...Keith

Surely there has to be some members on here that own hotels,or work, or are connected to the hotel industry in the place or places you are considering Josh to throw an event.

They could give tips on down times, when to book the best rates, etc.

Maybe you could throw them a free in to the convention for helping out.

I don't have connections in that space or I would try to help. When I stayed in Massachusetts for vacation in November I went online and the regular rate was 189 a night. They had a special for 2 nights but then it got jacked up again. I called during the day with not much better result. I just call and say I am checking the best deals and don't give too much info.

So I called late at night about 1 a.m. and got the call center instead of the main desk. I asked why prices are so high?? Guy said it changes over every Thursday or something like that I can't remember exactly. Then I just made a grunt noise and the phone was silent for about 5 seconds. The guy said how does 89 a night sound??

I asked him to repeat it just to be sure I was hearing correctly. This was a very nice upscale hotel. He said he could give me that rate if I booked right then. I said sure and booked for about a week. Just shows if you persevere you can find a deal.

@Joshua Dorkin I for one would be happy to make some calls. I know in southern California there is an abundance of meeting spaces, convention centers, etc., every conceivable airline flies in to LAX, John Wayne airpport or Long Beach. There are hotels everywhere in every price range imaginable. I'll bet Will B will be happy to look up in his area of so Cal too. So... get the info on here and let's go to work!

As far as offering incentives for peoples help, I wouldn't get into that, just believe there's enough people on here and appreciate the value of Biggerpockets that will be happy to help. If it ended up someone had to put extensive time in, etc., then you can give them a discount, but for now, stay away from that I think.

You know what we need to find out.

How much meeting space and what configuration do you want? How many days? As far as hotel rooms, all hotels offer discounts for groups, so that won't be a problem.

You get the idea... details!

Let me clarify a little what I said as I think I wasn't clear enough on it.

I am not talking incentives for people to make phone calls and help out BP etc.

I am saying if a specific member works in that industry and has an in to better than usual savings with their connections then it might be nice to return the favor in kind. Just an idea and I have no connections to that industry.

@Joshua Dorkin It's the spirit of BP! You've created an entire community on the web where people from all walks of life, that are college students, military personnel, engineers, hold MBAs even those that don't even have high school diplomas, but entusiasm for getting ahead .. what is one of the common threads? That each and everyone is willing to share of their time, experience, knowledge, etc. to help others that they don't know, solely because they are giving people! So... it's only natural to use that generosity to help BP with the summit!

Updated over 5 years ago

Oops!! typos... sorry. That should have been enthusiasm!

Myself and roberta are willing to help locate in Ca or ? Just post the info Karen ask for and just watch how fast we can put an April or May deal together...

Josh, if I am not mistaken, I mentioned the fact that their are many members on this site willing to help, myself included. I originally mentioned Vegas for the next right after he first Summit.

While a busy schedule is usually in my crystal ball, for such an event and cause, you know I will step up and I am quite confident. Others will too.
You know how to reach me!

@Joshua Dorkin I'll help make calls to have this in So Cal if you'll comp my travel and lodging (kidding... obviously).

Seriously though, if you think that might have legs, we can round up the REIAs and get several hundred people "in the know", then through that find a venue. I know the Norris Group puts on a swanky event each year (I was an attendee) and I'm sure they have way more of the connections you are looking for, but if you need some "feet on the street" to go scout venues, meet with contact people, etc, I'm down for the cause.

I know two hotel manager in Cleveland Ohio, one has the opportunity to make conventions but I guess Ohio is not your first choice.


I'll throw my vote in for Florida. There is plenty of hotels and convention centers in any major city here. It's always nice and warm. Lastly I could drive there lol. I'd love to make it if I could. Are the majority of BP members from the west coast?

OK folks -- I see that there is interest. We're not looking to do something on the coasts this year. We're still looking at mid-sized cities mid-country with a slant to the West. Places like Denver, Tulsa, San Antonio, Austin, Santa Fe, and others like it are where we're going to be concentrating our efforts.

Any connections at hotels NEAR convention centers in these cities or others like them?

Originally posted by Joshua Dorkin:
Keith -
It doesn't exist yet. We came close to locking in the weekend of April 14 in Denver, but that doesn't look likely right now. The hotel we used last year raised their prices on us by 60% and is unwilling to flex..

How ironic for a group of RE investors, must have been a wild bunch with bigger pockets! LOL

New airport in Branson, Mo. But, not a very good place if you don't care for live professional music shows (mostly country), theme parks, water rides, lake activities, night clubs, buffet style pig troughs, motels where Presidents have stayed and more convention centers meeting rooms per capita than probably anywhere in the country and cheap public transportation on theme set trolleys.More than a million visitors each year. That's just Silver Dollar City.

I have no connection with the Branson BBB or Tourism.

Usually people are "NIMBY" - "Not In My Back Yard"; but somewhat ironic that on this thread almost everybody is the opposite of that - have it in my area. A few exceptions to that did pop up, but for the most part ...

Well, my backyard is nearest the population center of the country. Most could drive easier than having to fly in, but they could. Cheap air fare to Branson, not so much to here.

Good observation Steve, I see it as a time saver and not having to stay at the Hilton, or where ever.....okay, I'd stay at my cabin at the lake :)

@Joshua Dorkin

Originally posted by Joshua Dorkin:
OK folks -- I see that there is interest. We're not looking to do something on the coasts this year. We're still looking at mid-sized cities mid-country with a slant to the West. Places like Denver, Tulsa, San Antonio, Austin, Santa Fe, and others like it are where we're going to be concentrating our efforts.

Any connections at hotels NEAR convention centers in these cities or others like them?

How about a large hotel with convention facilities on site? What number of attendees are you projecting?

Nothing against Texas and there is great investment there but I can't stand that hot dry heat. Is Texas miserable year round or are there milder months??

Anyone you ask there will be different answers to where everyone wants it.

Denver would be fine with me as I have never been there plus we would likely travel to Aspen before or after and stay there some as well. My wife watches Bold and the Beautiful soap opera show and always says it looks so pretty...... LOL

Ok we can get this done if we can get the rest of the info to know what to ask for. Need to know the number of people that we guess will come or that the hotel center can hold. Need to know what type of discount we are looking for and the best time to hold it. I am thinking april to may for the best prices? Trust me we can find it and get this going if we can figure out what state will work out best (tx, az. nm, or what).

No west coast? Geez. You know all of the areas aren't L.A.. There's Newport Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana (Disneyland), San Diego, etc. Our southern California weather is PERFECT all year, we have beaches, and amusements, etc. Every airline flies into here - and there's a zillion hotels of all sizes :) Is Las Vegas definitely out too?

Though... I've always wanted to go to San Antonios riverwalk!!

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