BiggerPockets Podcast 006: Investing While Holding a Full Time Job

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Brandon Turner Verified Video

Investor from Montesano, Washington

Feb 21 '13, 09:50 AM
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Investing in real estate while holding a full time job may not always get the most discussion in the real estate investing world – but there are thousands (if not millions) of investors who do just that. On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with @Arthur Garcia, a busy part-time investor who has massed an impressive collection of rental properties while holding a full time job.

This show is filled with a ton of really great tips to help any investor – large or small – be more efficient with their investing time. In addition – this was probably the most humorous show to date!

In This Week's Podcast We Explore:

- How to invest when prices are too high in your area.
- How to get started with “buy and hold” investing when you don’t have much money or time.
- How to use use “cost to rebuild” to predict the future of your market.
- Why Arthur and his wife sold their primary residence to live in an apartment while buying rental property.
- The “super creative way” to find flexible lenders.
- How to find “Portfolio loans.”
- A great way to legally get around the “10 loan” limit for mortgages.
- Why investing while holding a job gives you an advantage.
- Tips for finding a great property manager.
- The story of a topless 90 year old woman that finally convinced Arthur to hire a property manager.

Check it out and listen to the show directly at:
BP Podcast 006: Investing While Holding a Full Time Job

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P.J. Hankins

Real Estate Investor from Muncie, Indiana

Feb 21 '13, 11:35 AM
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@Joshua Dorkin - Best tag line ever at the end of a pod cast!

"...please do not take offense if you are a 90 year old naked woman, shoeless or have missing teeth, you're still welcome on"

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David Gellner

from Seattle, Washington

Feb 21 '13, 12:33 PM
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What an awesome podcast! I really enjoyed the parts that involved getting traditional loans and establishing a relationship with your lenders.

One thing that I kept wanting to know was how @Arthur Garcia finds his deals since he's working full time. Does he primarily find his deals through agents, direct mail, or other methods?

Thanks again for the awesome podcast! I love listening to these!

Joshua Dorkin Verified Donor

BiggerPockets Founder/CEO from Denver, Colorado

Feb 21 '13, 01:17 PM

@James Vermillion - I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was a load of fun to tape and I also learned a lot from @Arthur Garcia. Perhaps he'll drop in on the thread after all these mentions he is getting ;)

@David Gellner - Thanks a lot! That was the stuff that I found really valuable too. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and didn't get to those questions. Perhaps Arthur can jump in here on on the Show 6 page and fill us in a little?

Medium fbprofileJoshua Dorkin, BiggerPockets

Joshua Dorkin Verified Donor

BiggerPockets Founder/CEO from Denver, Colorado

Feb 21 '13, 02:40 PM
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Just a quick note -- it appears that this is a VERY popular topic, as we've had more listens today than any other day. In fact, we may even double our next best day's listens. Good stuff!

Keep listening, and of course, please leave us those reviews and be sure to subscribe over on iTunes.

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Chris Cox

Real Estate Investor from Bismarck, Missouri

Feb 21 '13, 03:11 PM

Going to download tonight. Thanks, love the audio. How do you guys choose the topic for a podcast? Any chance of having a poll or something for us at bp to see upcoming podcast?

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Jon Klaus Verified Moderator Donor

Investor from Garland, Texas

Feb 21 '13, 03:28 PM
1 vote

I'm headed off the the bank at WalMart now that I know they'll finance my deals!

This is another great episode. Congrats @Joshua Dorkin and @Brandon Turner on the runaway success of these pod casts.

Jon Klaus, SellPropertyFast
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Telephone: 214-929-6545

Brandon Turner Verified Video

Investor from Montesano, Washington

Feb 21 '13, 03:34 PM

Hahaha nice @Jon Klaus! My Wal-Mart sadly has no bank... but there is a McDonalds. So maybe I'll get some food. :)

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Medium 1399604873 avatar soldwithvideo Brandon L.
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Arthur Garcia

Real Estate Investor from Glendora, California

Feb 21 '13, 04:12 PM
1 vote

Hey guys!

First off, doing the show was a blast. Next time, I'll spend a little less time talking about toothless people and more time talking about how I operate my business - lol!

@Ben A - Good to see you're still around. I'll be posting more stuff on the BP blog as well as my own so stay tuned. I'm glad you enjoyed the podcast!

@P.J. Hankins - I just about fell out of my chair when I heard the disclaimer this morning. Who would have thought I would be so "edgy" as to need a disclaimer - lol! Thanks for tuning in!

@Mehran K. - Please download the show and share your thoughts/questions on the blog or here in the forum. I'd be happy to fill in any gaps I missed on the show!

@James Vermillion - Thanks for the kind words, especially coming for you! I still remember swapping stories over a few cold ones at the last BP summit. We'll have to do again at the next BP event!

@David Gellner - I'm glad you liked the podcast. You bring up a good point. I didn't get a chance to get into much detail on how I scout for new leads. I'll write a follow up forum post on this thread to address that. Also, this is a great topic for next weeks BP blog post , so keep your eyes pealed!

@Chris Cox - Please let us know your thoughts on this forum or on the BP blog page.

@Jon Klaus & @Brandon L. - there may not be a bank in your local wallmart, but they'll be plenty of older women - lol!!

Medium 1399549246 avatar geojames James H.
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Arthur Garcia

Real Estate Investor from Glendora, California

Feb 21 '13, 06:37 PM

Brian Hoyt - Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! The Nickerson book is great. It is a little dated (numbers, etc), but the content still holds true. Especially for us working folk ;0)

Take care!


Arthur Garcia

Real Estate Investor from Glendora, California

Feb 21 '13, 09:47 PM
1 vote

@David Gellner - as promised a more detailed response of how I get deals.

I get about 90% of my deals via the MLS. That being said, I think I've found a creative way of gaining access to good solid deals. I made an agreement with one of my property managers that if he gave me access to the MLS , I would let him manage any rentals I end up purchasing. I've found that the good deals, when they are on the MLS, stay "active" for a matter of hours before they go "pending". Needless to say, speed is the name of the game.

To stay on top of it, I usually check 2xs a day, when I am in acquisitions mode. If the market is really thin (like it is now), I check 3-4xs a day. Once I see a listing, I call the selling agent directly and try to get them to represent me in the transaction. I typically try to leverage my past purchases to put the realtor at ease. I want them to know, I'm not going to back out of a deal and that I will be the lowest maintenance buyer they will ever have. It isn't perfect, as it requires me looking at my phone to check email a few more times a day, but it is manageable.

I should also mention that I KNOW my market. I'm not just talking in general, I talking - streets, zip codes, landmarks, etc. I know exactly where and what I like. I typically stick to 2-3 zip codes and only certain types of homes. This makes the MLS search super short and easy to look up.

If you don't have a relationship with a realtor or PM. Here is my advice, google the name of your market and add MLS to the end of it - XYZ town MLS. Typically, this will take you to a few URLS that have an open MLS access. They won't likely have the name of the listing agent, only the home address. Once you have the address, enter it in google or Zillow to see if you can find the listing agent's info. It requires a few more steps, but is definitely doable. I know, I did that for the first 2 years.

in the past 6 months, I've started to get leads from past realtors and family friends. I just wholesaled my friend's grandma's house to an investor in my market. These two leads have caused me set aside some capital to put toward direct marketing to sellers. I don't have much more to report on that front, but stay tuned on BP. I be posting updates on the BP Blog as I make more progress.

I hope that helps you!


Medium 1399666016 avatar ireallylikethis John McCombs
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John McCombs

Real Estate Investor from Riverside, California

Feb 21 '13, 10:17 PM
1 vote

I listened to the podcast on my drive to my job today and really appreciated the insight on balancing your work and investing. I enjoyed hearing your story about how you got started, and you follow up post about what it takes to find good deals. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Joshua Dorkin Verified Donor

BiggerPockets Founder/CEO from Denver, Colorado

Feb 22 '13, 06:33 AM

Hey @John McCombs - We did a session at our conference on the topic and it was a huge hit. We wanted to be sure to get a show in on the subject . . . we'll definitely come back to the topic again, as this one has proven to be very popular. Thanks for listening.

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