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Hi BP. I'm trying to find a mailing list generator for an MHP yellow letter campaign. I was able to find InfoUSA but they were asking $1 per. Is that price typical? Any other ideas? I tried listsource but it seemed limited on the commercial side.

Thanks All!

The very best list is the one Dave Reynolds has from the mobile home park store. I think, they only give it away with their material. It covers all 50 states and is pretty darn good. 

Now- depending on the state, you can request a list for the state that oversees mobile home parks, and they will send it to you. In other cases they will list every mobile home park on a state website, and you can copy and paste the data into a spreadsheet. 

thanks Jim. Frank and Dave's material is in the mail and on the way. I'll let you know if it is included. Yes. It is fairly easy to get addresses of MHPs over the internet but getting the owner name is the part that takes time.

Thanks for the feedback.

Also, if you're buying locally you may want to try driving the areas you're interested in. Personally, I've found many mobile home parks not to even be listed anywhere on the web. Hope that helps!


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