How do you transfer a mobile home title?

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Hey BP,

I'm about to hand over the cash on my first mobile home purchase. Aside from myself, the seller and the owner who financed him will be present with the title. What paperwork do I need to execute this transaction? Does a notary have to be present? Any advice is welcome. @John Fedro  



Update on our mobile home investing mission:

So it's been about two weeks since we listened to that great mobile home podcast with John Fedro. After reading a couple books and scouring the classifieds day and driving for dollars, we've purchased a 10K lot with 1K down, owner financed and are now purchasing a mobile home and having it moved on site. 

your answer depends on the state your in- post up the location details and you will get an answer quicker...

Congrats on the lot and MH purchase.  Transfer of MH titles is state specific.  More like title to a car in most places.  You should be able to find a website for your state that gives the basics of the paperwork and the transfer fees/taxes required.  Kind of like the DMV, but for MHs.

I'm curious about your lot purchase.  Does it have water, septic/sewer and utilities already on site?  I can buy lots for less than $10K all day long in CA, but most aren't worth much without water or septic.  

Shoot, sorry I didn't post details:

I am purchasing the from Mississippi and moving it to Louisiana.

Kristine Marie Poe 

The lot is .3 acres in a little lake community in the country with camps, 3/2 brick flats, and mobile homes (not in a flood zone). There is water and electric available, but we need to establish service. I'm paying $2400 for a septic system to be installed.

@Mike Gennaro  congratulations on your deal.

I don't believe that a notary is necessary for your transaction.  From what I have read on the Mississippi DOR site, the transaction is similar to a vehicle (car/truck) transfer which would just be a simple transfer of title.  I have never needed a notary when buying a car in Mississippi from a private seller who held the title.  If you want to ask the question directly however, here is the phone number for the MS DOR’s Title Bureau at 601-923-7200

Thank you @Gregory Tregre  ! Extremely helpful resource there. I'll follow up in the morning and let you all know how this pans out. I have also gleaned from other research that if you are not getting title immediately, such as in an owner finance agreement, you just draft up and sign a bill of sale, kind of like a purchase agreement.

Thanks again!

It's best to check with the housing authority responsible for manufactured housing in the area(s) you're planning to work in regarding required paperwork for title transfers. If you're planning to move the home, it's also best to get trip insurance for the move just in case. 

Congrats on the deal! 

Hi Mike,

Congratulations on pulling the trigger and lining up this deal. Additional kudos on your first mobile home deal being one that requires a mobile home mover, vacant land, and transferring states compared to a simpler deal in a preexisting park. 

In addition to your question there are a few issues that I see needing addressing. However, first things first and the answer is No to the notary being needed. The paperwork in it's simplest form will be a Bill of sale, the Title(s) (1 if singlewide and 2 if a double wide - hopefully it is a singlewide due to needed move), and the state transfer form that can be picked up at your local DMV in LA when you are ready to transfer the Title. Do make sure to get the sellers forwarding address and phone number if it is being changed.

Additionally, you may have to transfer the title (from a MS to a LA) into your name or your corporate name prior to the move. However if a mobile home mover will allow the Title to be in someone else's name while they move the home to LA than you can simply wait to transfer the title to your name once it arrives in LA. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the permits and codes for your land in LA.

You mentioned not receiving the title right away and an owner financing agreement? Did you purchase the home for cash or payments? What is your exit strategy with regards renting the home and land, or selling the home and land together, or selling the home and renting the land? 

Talk soon,

John Fedro

For reference a number to the LA MH division is 225-925-9041 should you have more detailed state specific questions.

Additionally, what great and quick feedback from everyone else offering help. I love this site. 

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