What is going on with this mobile home park?

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Roads?  Access?  Parking?  Moving homes in and out?  Utilities, especially sewer/septic?  I could see this out in the county with no city jurisdiction, but fire department, health department?  How did this happen?

Anyone know this park?  iFunding emailed it to me promoting a MHP fund. 

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@Jon Klaus and others on this discussion: on behalf of iFunding, apologies for  confusion with photo associated with mobile home park fund listing. Because the investment is into a fund in the process of acquiring properties, a stock photo was used. The photo is *not* an actual property in the fund. 

To clarify further, investments will go into a fund of an experienced mobile home park operator.  Mobile parks will be selected, acquired, operated and upgraded using the fund.  The operator is among the 10 largest mobile home park portfolios in the US, owning over 10,000 lots in 16 states.  They concentrate on 'mid-tier' mobile home parks: neither commodity trailer home conglomerates, nor having fancy community amenities like swimming pools (these tend to compete with standalone, single-family residences. They emphasize quality improvements, rigorous oversight and operating according to code.

More details can only be shared with registered (accredited) investors at ifunding.co. For those who view the project, within the many due diligence documents you will find projections for each of the first five projects planned in the fund, in which are the addresses you can look up.

Meanwhile, iFunding will adjust the photos, first noting this was stock, then shortly acquiring actual images for planned acquisitions where the operator has them ready.

Thanks for raising the question,

Scott Lichtman

If you blow it up, each home has a door on each end. I bet this is a man camp near an oil well area or the like. So it probably operates on a temp zoning permit... that is my guess

iFunding has replaced the stock photo in its listing with the photo of an actual home in one of the target parks the fund is likely to acquire.  We will work with the project sponsor to acquire further photos of the park(s) from a big-picture perspective. Viewable for those who sign in to review investment opportunities.