Can you recommend a mobile home insurance company?

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I've talked with a Foremost agent, but they won't insure this mobile while I'm rehabbing it because it's not worth $50K or more. The mobile is in Northern California. Any suggestions for other companies I might approach? Thanks!

You might call mobile home parks in your area.

You might call these folks.  I'm moving from the national carriers who only have Foremost to insure mobile homes and the like.  These Folks have other choices.

Connie Delgado Hartman, Client Service Representative

Affinity Group Management

7509 NW Tiffany Springs Pkwy #200

Kansas City, MO 64153

P: 913.262.1624 / / F: 913.894.6534

Thank you, Curt! I'll check out Affinity--and area mobile home parks.

That is weird.  How long will the rehab take?  I have all my MHs and my parents have theirs with Foremost and I don't think any of them are at more than $35K.  A couple of them were rehabbed for about a month before renting.

Do you have Farm Bureau there?  They're cheaper than Foremost on mine. 

I use Kurt Kelly, with Mobile Insurance.

Paul, I may take a month or more to rehab the mobile. I'm as curious as you are about why Foremost gave me grief and not you!

Leslie and Josh, thanks for the referrals. I'll check them out!

I have 4 manufactured home insurance policies with  Some of mine are not worth $50k but they are all on dirt I own so maybe if you are talking about a manufactured home in a park, Foremost will not insure it but I am not sure.

Regional differences - I use Tyler Farr - 503-887-4450 in Oregon and Washington. He may cover other areas. Not sure. I am on a Commercial Rental product with Foremost on several mobile home properties. You can be rehabbing and under $50k in a park. In my area approx $30/mo for $20k coverage. $100 deductible for damage or theft and $500k liability.

I keep the insurance on when selling on payments. When paid off, or when I sell for cash, the agent can call them and put them on their own plan.

When on payments, I cover insurance and tax to make sure it gets paid. Add to payments.

Foremost is who we use and they were great to work with when we had a claim on transportation. 

Paul T, Bill, and Joshua, thanks much for your input!

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