Attention Mobile Home Park Owners....

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I'd like to connect with actual park owners and see what their experiences are. Please jump in and share. How you got started, likes and dislikes, the whole 9 yards

Hi Ajay, good idea!!  Here's helps:

go to and join their free forum.  Lots of multi-park owners and big timers there.

Go to their boot camp.

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I highly recommend the MHU Bootcamp as well.  It's all content and no upsell.  You will get the opportunity to network with current and about to be be Park owners.

How much does the location of the Mobile Home University Bootcamp matter? They have one in my region in October. Would it be better to attend one near you?

I used to present at the bootcamps so I have some history there. I would say it depends on why you are there. If you know what asset class your looking at you can steer which bootcamp you go to. Of note- once you go to one your welcome to re-attend. I happen to like 2 star parks, older homes. So Denver, Dallas, San Antonio, Columbus... were all great for that asset class. Others as well, but those stick out.  

If your into the 4 and 5 star parks- Dallas, Vegas, LA.

If park visits do not matter- then they all function about the same... 

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